Uber brings its bike-hailing service to Karachi

Written by Ammara Saleem ·  49 sec read >

Uber has announced the arrival of Uber Moto in Karachi today via its official Twitter account. Users can now avail Uber’s bike-hailing service anywhere in the city.

UberMOTO was launched in Lahore last month and now the company has initiated this service in Karachi. This service will enable the users to commute at much cheaper rates. This service charges 13 Rs. per KM while the base fare is 26.6 Rs. So, if you travel 1 KM in one minute, you will be charged 41.66 Rs.

Uber continues to showcase its reinforced commitment to Pakistan, developing a range of services to meet riders, drivers and cities needs and standards.

Meanwhile, women in Pakistan still feel hesitant when it comes to using this bike-hailing service. They are not comfortable traveling at the back of a motorbike with an unknown man.

A woman who works at a bank in Johar Town, Lahore and uses Uber for commuting daily, told TechJuice, “I would always prefer to use a rickshaw or car but not motorbike unless a woman is driving the motorbike.”

What is the most important factor you take into consideration when using such service? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Ammara Saleem
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