Uber VIP is now live in Pakistan with discounts at select restaurants, cinemas and shopping outlets

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Uber Pakistan has officially kicked off the VIP program for users in Pakistan. In addition to providing higher rated drivers and newer cars, it also enables VIP users to avail discounts at select restaurants, cinemas, and shopping outlets.

What is Uber VIP?

Uber Pakistan announced the imminent release of its VIP program for users in Pakistan a few weeks ago. This program is meant to benefit regular customers. It offers different perks in different countries. In Pakistan, Uber VIP will benefit users in following ways:

  • Availability of highest rated drivers
  • Allocation of newer cars
  • Early access to new features
  • 15% discount at Leisure Club and BiG
  • 20% discount at X2
  • 20% discount at Cinepax on purchase of 2 tickets
  • Free small drink at Universal Cinema Emporium Mall
  • Free medium drink and Popcorn at Imperial Cinema

The option to call a VIP ride appears beside the uberGo and uberAuto option currently available in the app. The cars are also marked by a more premium looking black marker on the map.

How can I can become an Uber VIP?

To become Uber VIP, you must have taken at least 10 rides in the month of November. If you fulfill that criterion, you will receive an email shortly with confirmation of becoming an Uber VIP for the whole month of December.

If you have failed to cross that mark, you can try again in the month of December to become an Uber VIP for the month of January.

Some things to keep in mind…

Although it carries the name VIP, it costs the same as uberGO. So don’t be intimidated by the supposedly premium charges you might have to pay.

Also, VIP rides take about twice as much time to arrive as compared to regular uberGO option. So if you are in a hurry, VIP option might not be worth the hassle and wait.

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