Unity Retail onboards CX Connect to provide Omni-Commerce Order Management as a service

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As part of its drive to simplify the process of selling and everything else that entails, Unity Retail have onboarded CX Connect onto its service provider network to offer e-commerce players to outsource their order processing enabling a consistent, high-quality user experience as well as minimizing the cost of infrastructure and HR. Through this offering, sellers and brands using Unity Retail will be able to delegate access to the CX Connect team to review, confirm and book orders with the best last-mile delivery service based on insights offered by the Unity Retail platform.

Numerous research studies across the world have indicated that investing in a smarter customer experience leads to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty, lifetime value and recurring business. However, building a stable, competent customer service infrastructure and team is an expensive proposition, especially for SMEs. It is with keeping this in mind that the leadership of Unity Retail and CX Connect decided to join hands to empower smaller as well as larger sellers and brands by having trained customer experience professionals liaising with customers on their behalf and ensuring that their queries are addressed as professionally as possible. By democratizing access to high-end customer management strategies, sellers and brands of all shapes and sizes will be able to have CX Connect agents leverage the diverse insights offered by the Unity Retail platform to suggest better customer management strategies as well as creating greater value for them.

On this occasion, Syed Shoaib Ahsan – CEO Unity Retail expressed;

“Our sole focus is to make the lives easier for our users, especially the SME sector who are unable to invest in a lot of technology and infrastructure to improve their operations. By further expanding our network beyond sellers and last-mile delivery services, we want to have service providers who can facilitate the typical operations from cataloging to order processing, and CX Connect is the first such partner that we have onboard. Through this, we will be able to take another step towards empowering sellers who can then leverage the best talent available at a highly subsidized cost and significantly improve their customer experiences leading to greater profitability and prosperity.”

Reshma Abdullah – Director at CX Connect stated;

“According to Gartner, CX is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed their expectations, leading to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. Based on the definition, one of the key responsibilities of the CX team within a company is to ensure that customers are able to access service channels post-sales.

Otherwise, a company not only loses customer feedback, repeat sales, and brand loyalty but at the same time results in negative CX. Accenture reported that in the United States, poor CX can cost a company up to USD 1.6 billion. Also, it is reported elsewhere by Mckinsey that a good CX can leverage a company’s revenue by 10% to 15% while also cut cost from 15% to 20%. Do you want to make one time sales or you wish to retain your existing customers and add new customers every day? Here is where you need to have strong CX Partner like CX Connect.”

Unity Retail aims to build an end-to-end e-commerce platform which also enables brands for omni-commerce. It offers an omni-channel order processing and fulfillment system which has reduced the burden of fulfillment using different courier services which otherwise requires a lot of manual effort by multiple people ultimately exposing the business to greater risks. Unity Retail has reduced all of this to just a few clicks as it integrates seamlessly with the online store and has all major courier services available which just need to be configured with the right account credentials. One of Unity Retail’s customers from the textile industry reported productivity improvements of up to 200% as a direct result of adoption requiring 50% less HR. With the expansion of the Unity Retail Network to incorporate service providers, users of the platform will be able to extract greater value at a much lower cost.

C Square – Genesys Gold Partner in Pakistan launched CX Connect – Smart Experiences on June 2019. The objective of CX Connect is to provide innovative, operationally sound and above all Smart Experiences for the customers, employees, and partners. The new facility will provide outsourcing services with flexible operating models and pricing that covers the services not only call center/contact centers but behind the scenes services essential to creating Smart Experiences such as social engagements, email, webchat, chatbots, and other non-voice channels. Customers may not hear or see but will definitely feel the service experience.