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We are “working as hard as we can” to meet demand for Xbox Series X/S: VP Gaming at Microsoft

Written by Hamza Zakir ·  56 sec read >

In a recent interview, Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer revealed that the Xbox division is working as hard as it can to meet the incredibly high demand for the company’s latest Series X/S consoles.

According to Spencer, the production of consoles has simply struggled to keep up with consumer demand.

We got the consoles launched and we wished we had more of them, we’re selling out too quickly,” the VP said. “I get some people [saying], ‘Why didn’t you build more, why didn’t you start earlier, why didn’t you ship them earlier?’ I mean all of those things, and it is really just down to physics and engineering.

The gaming executive, who also goes by the gamer tag of “P3”, added that the company was currently producing the consoles at full swing and was not trying to hold them back.

We’re not holding them back, we’re building them as fast as we can, we have all of the assembly lines going,” he emphasized.

As if to underscore his point of Xbox’s commitment to get as many Series X/S consoles rolling as possible, Spencer mentioned that he recently contacted AMD, the company responsible for manufacturing the Xbox consoles’ CPU and GPU, to ask how they could get more.

Clearly, the demand for the company’s next-gen consoles has been unprecedented, and Xbox has all hands on deck to make sure the demand is ultimately met. In fact, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood said last year that she realistically expected supply to meet demand by the spring of 2021.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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