Games maker Atari announces its own cryptocurrency

Sajeel Syed • 17 hours ago
An anti-Pakistan game developed around 1971 incident is getting viral in Bangladesh. The application, supported by the government of Bangladesh, is surprisingly very popular among the millennials and has raked over 4 million downloads.

Anti-Pakistan game popular among millenials in Bangladesh

Muneeb Ahmad • February 10, 2018
Playing Game-Xbox-Controller

Microsoft rewards Xbox One X to a kid who helped homeless people

Sajeel Syed • December 18, 2017

Sony has sold over 70 million units of PS4 gaming console

Sajeel Syed • December 8, 2017

Steam ditches Bitcoin support

Shehryar Ahmed • December 8, 2017

Google Play Games gets design update with new mini-games

Sajeel Syed • November 13, 2017
Nintendo Super Mario

Nintendo aims to beat Microsoft and Sony with net profit of $1.1 billion

Sajeel Syed • October 30, 2017
microsoft kills kinect xbox one windows

Microsoft kills Kinect for Xbox One and Windows

Sajeel Syed • October 26, 2017

Recent update in Nintendo Switch adds video capture and profile transfer features

Sajeel Syed • October 19, 2017

Steam offers special discount for Pakistani gamers

Uzair Khalid • October 11, 2017
Frost Punk

This War of Mine creators have developed a new game and we are in love with it

Faizan Khan • October 3, 2017
C64 Mini

Commodore 64 Mini is coming in 2018

Uzair Khalid • October 2, 2017

For DOTA fans, Heroes of the Storm is a must try

Faizan Khan • October 2, 2017