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This week we have a great weather app for all the Windows users out there: meet the first animated weather application, WeatherSense.

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Looking for a weather app to keep you updated with your city’s latest weather reports and forecast? Let us help you with that. Published just a week ago by Mobius Studios, this application is a hit with the users and can already brag of over 25,000 downloads. With the application launching in many other countries including China, Mexico, USA and India, their success is likely to grow.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this application is that it is developed by two student developers at LUMS, a fact which serves as a reminder of the incredible potential of young students in Pakistan

We installed it right away on our Window Phone so that we could try it out first hand.

We can assure you, we weren’t disappointed. The application offers a paid version as well as free trial version allowing users to sample the application before they spend money on it. It is simple and easy to use and boasts of a user friendly UI with the main data displayed right on the front page. It covers all the basics of weather updates providing users the option to choose Hourly or Daily weather updates with a single swipe on screen as well as offering local sunrise and sunset time. A built in option, Analytics allows you to see weather trends in one go so that you can plan ahead according to the weather forecasts quickly. You can share the weather on your social media directly from this app and you can set it as your lockscreen so that the weather information updates automatically.

The best part about WeatherSense is the animated splash screen which makes it look good. WeatherSense also covers vocal weather updates and provides notifications in case of extreme weather conditions. Of course, the best of the features are only included in the paid version of the application.

We loved WeatherSense because it is an attempt at a better looking interface and if you are a Windows user, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get it installed and working right away on your phone.

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