This Week in Tech – Episode 1

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QMobile recently hired Kareena Kapoor for their ads for a whopping 10 crores! Look at me, I am obviously a better choice and if anybody is looking to hire, the price is 12 crores. Ladies and Gentleman, I am Abdullah and you’re watching The AppJuice’s this week in Tech!

Gourmet is a well-known name in Pakistan. What started as a bakery venture has grown into a huge entrepreneurial project over the years. From restaurants to furniture shops, from catering to pharmacy, Gourmet has never been afraid to venture out. The famous small bird has been whispering and if the rumors are to be believed, Gourmet may be launching an Android Smartphone! 

Code for Pakistan is conducting a hackathon in Lahore and Peshawar in the coming weeks. This three day event is designed to be fun, interactive and most of all useful. The aim is to create civic solutions which will help in city management. The best part is that it isn’t just for programmers: you can participate as a content writer or a designer and form teams to participate in this great event. We will be covering the event on The AppJuice.  And Girls please don’t forgot to participate, because it feels as if you always want the boys to win.

Talking about coding,PITB has launched an e-learning initiative. The website will be covering the courses and syllabus online. Apart from the run of the mill stuff, Punjab e-learn project will also be adding simulations and other aids that will promote conceptual learning. While the website is up, it still needs a ton of work. However, the Punjab Government is trying to do something good and so they definitely deserve a pat on the back. 

Oh and before, i2i, yeah well that joke has gotten old now…So I2I is holding a Community Demo Event on 10th of January  where their best six startups will be pitching their ideas.  We are definitely looking forward to meeting these young minds and see what ideas they have. 

And in the end we want to thank, the best gadget buying website in Pakistan, for giving us this Samsung Galaxy tab 2 for the review.

With that, we reach the end of this week in tech but, hey, lots is coming to The AppJuice this week. Keep visiting! 

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