This Week in Tech – Episode 2

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This Week in Tech – Episode 2 – The AppJuice from The AppJuice on Vimeo.

Hi and welcome to another episode of this week in tech. I am Abdullah and I sincerely hope the microphone works fine.

I2I celebrated the community demo day in Karachi and it was a big success. The spectacular six startups had some great ideas and we were pretty impressed. If the youth of Pakistan keeps going like this, we can take this country forward. 

That reminds me, those of you who have registered for the civil hackathon; you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. Apart from the fact that you will be contributing to a good social cause, you will be learning a lot and that too from the very best, like no one ever was. Also, The AppJuice team will be there. Do say hi if you’re there! 

And great news for all the students watching this video, SOFTEC – the biggest IT event of Pakistan is yet back again with prize money worth millions. Damn, that’s a lot of zero’s. We are the Media Partners of this event and we will keep you up to date with all the latest news.

Oh…I can’t see a thing, oh I get it, you’re supposed to turn it on first. This thing is called the VIRUAL PRIVATE THEATER SYSTEM, which we will be reviewing, given to us by (walks out of the frame). Damn I feel like Cyclops.

Last week was iPhone 7th birthday. It has been 7 glorious years since the brilliant Steve jobs introduced us to touch screen smart phones. The latest CES has revealed that we are marching forward in the field of technology. From 105 inch UHDTV with Web OS to Android driven cars, we also saw an android running Nokia leaked out, and dual boot win 8.1 and android. We are definitely excited to get our hands on that. 

And that’s all for this week, keep visiting for more.

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