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What’s in your bag, Amna Tariq?

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  2 min read >

What’s in your bag? is our new recurring feature where The AppJuice Team would be asking people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and heart to us. Do you want to show us your bag? Email us at inbox@theappjuice.com. Inspiration credits goes to The Verge.


Amna Tariq is the Program Manager for PASHA’s Lahore office. In the IT world of Pakistan, P@SHA is a well-known name. It is the association of software houses in Pakistan and the firm has been working hard to bolster the IT development in Pakistan. The office at Lahore was a step in growing the reach of the development programs and help in better software services in Punjab.

Amna is a technology enthusiast. She loves gadgets and keeps a close eye on new advancements in technology. In fact, she is a great person to give mobile and application related advice. Amna believes in advancing technology in Pakistan where there is no lack of talent. She spends a lot of time in encouraging local developers and promoting emerging tech entrepreneurs on social media.

The AppJuice Team picked up their DSLRs and headed for an interview. Because we wanted to know Amna Tariq up close, we met for frozen yogurt at a local place (yeah, we know you know which one). Excited to find out what hardworking Amna Tariq carries in her bag? We were too! Let’s get started.



Amna carries a chic black handbag that comes without any major adornments. She likes to keep it simple and professional. This bag has been in her use for the past six months and because it is a neutral black and suits her needs, she loves it.




Amna owns an iPhone 4S. Our first reaction was one of surprise: there is a general incline towards high end Android phones when we look at most techies in Pakistan but Amana loves her iPhone. In fact she is a loyal Apple fan and she won’t be switching to Android anytime soon. However she is sticking to this version till Apple comes up with another amazing smartphone. iPhone 5 and 5s, in her opinion are just bigger versions of 4S and not worth spending money on. If given a free upgrade, she wouldn’t mind an iPhone5c in vanilla green. Even Amna is not immune to the charms of a brand new phone.





The second surprise was the point and shot, a humble Sony Cybershot that Amna carries in the bag. Most people we know would have stuffed a DLSR in. When we ask, Amna smiles and tells us that she isn’t one to join the league of wannabe photographers. Given the fact that DSLRs are hard to lug around everywhere, there is little point in buying one when she needs to use the camera frequently. Amna has almost four to five meetings daily and she loves capturing moments from every day so that she can store up beautiful memories.






Inside the formal bag is a small, pretty, bead studded clutch. Amna can always ditch the bag at office and grab the clutch and head out to an event. It means that she is ready for all occasions at all time. That, right there is a great tip for working ladies!





Beauty Products


A bag of a lady is incomplete without beauty products and we all know that. Amna is no different: she has stashed her eyeliner and lip gloss so that she can fresh up for meetings and looks presentable. Basic makeup at hand can also be a life saver when running late.





We loved interviewing Amna who is a really nice and a very sweet person. She likes to keep things in her bag right down to a bare minimal but at the end of the day, all the things she needs to be productive are right there. However, choosing her everyday articles wisely ensures that she doesn’t have to a carry a huge formidable bag to work everyday. What do you think of Amna Tariq’s bag and her contents?


Special Thanks to Segue Studios for the Photography.

Written by Qurat Zafar
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