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What’s in your bag, Asjad Ahmad?

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What’s in your bag? is our new recurring feature where The AppJuice Team would be asking people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and heart to us. Do you want to show us your bag? Email us at inbox@theappjuice.com. Inspiration credits goes to The Verge.

This week, we find out what professional photographers keep in their bags.

AsjadAsjad Ahmad is the founder of Segue Studios and a brilliant photographer. He has been working hard to make a name for himself in the photography world and people are only now beginning to recognize him. Asjad also does product photography for The AppJuice. We decided to pay Asjad a visit and find out what was in his bag.


The Camera, Obviously


Since Asjad is a photographer, his bag contains every tool that a photographer needs. Good photographers are all about capturing the right moment at the right time and Asjad is no different. He carries his equipment on his shoulder, ready to click away at short notice. The star of Asjad’s bag is obviously the camera which is a Canon 50D.


Lens, because Taking Awesome Photographs is Basically the Job


Asjad has different lens which aid his photography. He has a 17-55mm f2.8 lens by Tamron which is a great multi purpose lens and can even be used in low light. Other lens that he has include a 50mm 1.8 by canon along with a polarizer filter and 2 vintage 58mm f2 lenses of Super takumar m42 mount . Asjad got both in a great bargain deal. He tells us that they are amazing but a little difficult to work with since they require manual focus.


Asjad also has a 70-300mm lens by sigma. It had been on his wishlist for quite a while and he saved up to buy the lens. This lens is great for capturing long distance shots. Much to the dismay of Asjad, the lens doesn’t come in quite as handy as expected. He tells us that it isn’t used much and mostly stays in the bag.


Camera Accessories, to Capture the Perfect Moment

To ensure a great picture, Asjad has a Yonghinuo 565ex ETTL flash. He loves the accessory since it helps me out and works flawlessly well. He uses it along with a remote flash trigger for some distant flash use .

And last but not least are the 12 cells and a chameleon charger for the Flash gun which sips up battery pretty quickly and needs a power backup.

A Smartphone, to Keep Connected


Asjad has a sleek blue HTC Windows Phone. The smartphone helps him stay connected with his family, friends and followers. It isn’t a high end device but it serves the purpose. Besides Asjad doesn’t need a phone with a great camera anyway: he has all that is needed for a perfect picture already.




And finally, a huge bag to fit it all in


All that has to go in a bag and as you can imagine, the bag is huge. Asjad loves it! It comes with a separate laptop section. It is waterproof Nikon bag that serves all purpose.

Asjad’s bag is a great example of how you should pack a bag if you are an amateur photographer. It has all the right gear. However, with all that photography equipment there is little room left for other stuff. What do you think of Asjad’s bag?

Written by Qurat Zafar
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