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What’s in your bag, Talha Masood?

Written by Fatima Rizwan ·  2 min read >

What’s in your bag? is our new recurring feature where The AppJuice Team would be asking people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and heart to us. Do you want to show us your bag? Email us at inbox@theappjuice.com. Inspiration credits goes to The Verge.

Today we are looking into the bag of Talha Masood, He is the Tech Author at The AppJuice. Talha is a student of 10th Grade and working with us since the launch of the website.

I love how I manage my day; first I go to school, then to The AppJuice office and then to my tutor all this makes my day full of traveling and I have to keep everything important close to me in my handy dandy bag pack. My bag is not one of those highly fashionable ones its simple and spacious enough to keep all my things.


Bag - What's in your bag?

I got this bag in an event and I loved it not because of its looks but because it had a lot of space inside. I love two straps because I think they look good also I try to act and look like Mike Ross (from Suits) when I’m wearing my backpack. I can easily store my books and my laptop inside with all my accessories.

Other Stuff



I don’t like spending a lot of money on earphones and I love music I can’t think of a single day when I didn’t wear my earphones, these are A4tech MK-620 earphone but they give amazing sounds. I use them all the time and they are very durable, they can easily last 4-5 months without any issues.  I would choose these earphones over popular beats earphones.




I am a big fan of fiction and I think novels are the greatest things in the world sometimes they just blow me away and annoy people around me because in their mind I’m fussing over nothing. I’m reading Percy Jackson series these days before that I read The Hunger Games series, which was just heartbreaking. I would recommend all readers to read The Hunger Games series especially the second part Catching Fire.




My laptop makes my bag pack heavier but I can’t go anywhere without it, as a student I constantly need it, I don’t like checking my emails on my phone because my large bony figures don’t work with small screens that’s why I use my laptop more than any other device I have.  This is a HP Probook 4530s that my father bought me with a fully functional Mac OSX. I somehow built a Hackintosh (mac on non-Apple products) and after using it for a while I never looked back at Windows. I extended its battery because I do a lot of work from my laptop. All my articles and school assignments come to life here.

Portable Hard Drive


This is where I store all my important data because I don’t like losing data. Once I lost all my data because my hard drive got corrupted after that I asked Dad to buy me this 500 GB Hard Drive so I don’t lose data again. Other than important The AppJuice data this is filled with my pictures and movies. My favorite movie is a beautiful Mind and my favorite TV show is Doctor Who.




I like DSLR cameras but they are very heavy, I tried carrying one but I couldn’t keep it with my laptop because carrying both things at once was very tiring. That’s why I have this small Nikon S2500 point and shoot camera. Its light and it takes good quality photos I take all my facebook and instagram photos from this camera.


Other than these things I have my schoolbooks and a lot of chocolates and candies in my bag pack. Candies because I like to be childish sometimes not all the time but sometimes I like to do childish things like jumping for no reason, making different handshakes with my friends, adding gummy bears in my ice cream and of course waving at random people. I’m proud of how accomplished I am and I’m grateful for what I have. Testing new technology and writing about it was my life’s dream and I’m so grateful that I achieved it because of The AppJuice. My favorite things in the world are Cooking, Chess, Technology and The AppJuice.

Written by Fatima Rizwan
I cover startups and entrepreneurs for TechJuice. Email: fatima@techjuice.pk. Profile