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WhatsApp is bringing back the text Status

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The feature has rolled out globally. Check your app for the update.

WhatsApp is bringing back the old text “Status” option, but the Stories-like Status feature is here to stay.

A few weeks ago, Facebook-owned instant messaging and calling platform launched a revamped version of Status which resembled Snapchat and Instagram Stories. The revamped WhatsApp Status allows users to share picture, videos and GIFs that last for 24 hours. Previously, WhatsApp had “text-only” functionality.

Though many users liked the new interface and Status option, others not very much. While introducing the new Status feature, WhatsApp completely removed the “text-only” status option. This decision was met with a lot of criticism from many users who wanted the old text-based status message back.

Now, with WhatsApp’s latest beta, the company is testing the text-only Status option again in the “About” section. WhatsApp told TechCrunch that About Status will roll out to all Android users over the next week and is coming soon to iPhone. Users can open the About section of their profile to set a text Status, and they can also view other people’s Status. The statement reads,

“We heard from our users that people missed the ability to set a persistent text-only update in their profile, so we’ve integrated this feature into the ‘About’ section in profile settings. Now, the update will appear next to profile names anytime you view contacts, such as when creating a new chat or looking at Group info. At the same time, we’re continuing to build on the new Status feature that gives people fun and engaging ways to share photos, videos and GIFs with their friends and family throughout their day.”

The ephemeral stories have gained a lot of popularity since inception. Almost all major social media platforms have launched this feature such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook is also testing ephemeral Stories feature that will appear at the top of News Feed.

WhatsApp Beta

If you can’t wait for the global roll out of text-only Status feature then you can sign up for the WhatsApp beta community in Google Play. For beta users, you will see the old status feature by pressing the three dot icon on the top right edge. Go to Settings, and in the About and phone number section, you will see the old status option back. It comes with the old default options of ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘At school’, ‘At the movies’, etc, and just as before, it will not disappear in 24 hours.

Update: The feature has rolled out globally. Check your app for the update.

Follow these steps

  • Update your app.
  • Click three dots on top right corner
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap your display picture
  • Click the Status in ‘About and phone number’ section
  • Edit your Status

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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