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WhatsApp Rolling Out Easy To Use Call-Links Feature

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WhatsApp is introducing its new feature, which will make audio and video calling easy for its Android users.

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that allows users to share a direct link to a call. It will make it easier to remain in touch with family and friends. The Call links feature will be available on WhatsApp this week. And can be accessed via a banner at the top of the Calls tab. WhatsApp users who want to test the Call Link feature will need to download the app’s most recent version.

Earlier, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta-Facebook and WhatsApp’s recent parent company. Introduced the feature on online social media and social networking services. He revealed the functionality by saying , a link to a call with a “simple touch”  will allow whatsApp users to share a link. 32 individuals can connect to share a call. However, the option was disabled due to unknown reasons for Android and iOS users.

Mar Zuckerberg added that, with increased call capacity, WhatsApp had become a competitor to Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. These competing applications have significantly higher caller capacity (100 for Google and Microsoft Teams and 300 for Zoom). However, they have limitations, such as call time for free users, and may not be the first choice for billions of people. WhatsApp does not specify any call duration constraints, which might position it. Once the feature is generally available, it is one of the finest free video calling apps for small teams and personal networks. 

Whatsapp audio and video calling

The modern feature enables users to create a call link, and now, it is finally available to install with the latest version of a social messaging application.

To check the feature’s availability, you can go to the calls tab to see the option. You will get a “create call link” if enabled, which means you can start creating a shareable link for calls.

Here you have a choice if you want to make an audio or video call. However, you also have the option to convert it to a group call if more than two people want to join.

Additionally, the calls are end-to-end encrypted, and no one else can join or listen to the call’s content. Moreover, users can easily share the links with only those they want to enter. The call maker’s number will be visible to everyone in the call.

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