Why Are Smaller Cities In Pakistan Devoid Of Entrepreneurship?

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh ·  1 min read >

With rise of inspiring entrepreneurs from major cities of Pakistan, the zeal among youth to build up their own concrete businesses keeps on increasing across the country. Entrepreneurship enthusiasm has sailed from big to smaller cities of Pakistan at a tremendous rate. Yet, the number of startups emerging from these cities is much less. Entrepreneurial culture is still in infancy in our society, and its growth is necessary to develop as a civilized nation aiding country’s economy ultimately.

Nurture Entrepreneurial Culture

TechJuice have reported several auspicious events from big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad & Peshawar that helped in promoting entrepreneurship among the masses, youth especially. The same events can be arranged in these smaller cities to gather the skilled individuals at a single platform where they get counselling and build up their confidence to showcase their talents to the world. Not only people from these regions are ambitious but promising owing to their sound understanding of downtown circumstances. Although, these people attend business schools, engineering colleges and universities, they need venture training. Because business is not something you learn from books. It involves real-life risks and gambling.

Moreover, the course that is taught in business institutes is mostly authorized by foreigners whose experiences differ from our countrymen and systems. It is high time private sectors in Pakistan support mentor-ship programs by collaborating with counselors and trainers. The concept is clearly simple; it would be easier to train educated individuals than complete newbies.

From Imitative to Innovative Initiative

There is usually a misconception that entrepreneurship means huge wealth, which doesn’t hold true for many of the initiators through out the world.The real entrepreneurs of this technological era are more concerned to resolve real-time problems by implementing tech-based solutions. Our youth is tech-savvy and crave innovation in everything. There is sheer possibility, these people would seek innovative ways to initiate projects that solve civic problems; such as eradication of poverty, diseases and terrorism (necessarily).

Let me conclude it with the demand that entrepreneurial culture needs to be promoted in every part of the country, especially smaller cities like Hyderabad, Larkana and Sialkot. Otherwise, citizens would continue seeking opportunities to migrate big cities, and the enormous gaps in our infrastructure, services and handsome jobs could never be bridged; let alone achieving the economic equality.

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh
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