Windows 10 will reserve 7GB of your storage just for updates

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  41 sec read >
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In a new low, Microsoft has announced that it will soon reserve more than 7GB of your storage just for the upcoming updates. It’s good in the sense you won’t low storage notifications later on when Windows tries to download updates but if you don’t want updates, that space is pretty much lying there redundant.

This “feature” will be coming to Windows 10 in the first half of 2019 which will reserve storage for updates, apps, temporary files, and system caches. This storage may increase based on the number of features you have enabled or the languages installed on your Windows PC. In a nutshell:

Windows 10 users with Build 18298 currently have the option to try out this feature. To check reserved storage size, Click Start > Search for “Storage settings” > Click “Show more categories” > Click “System & reserved” > Look at the “Reserved storage” size. You cannot totally remove the reserved storage but it is possible to reduce the size of the storage. Microsoft will be highlighting more options for that later on towards the final release.

What are your thoughts regarding this reserved storage feature? Do you think it will be useful?

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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