Women Entrepreneurs are in favor of Imran’s economic policies, president IWCCI

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July 31, 2018
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The Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) founding president Samina Fazil stated on Sunday that women have really set high expectations from the upcoming Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

Women Entrepreneurs assured that Tehreek-e-Insaf has their back for its upcoming plans to revolutionize national economy and laid emphasis on the fact that they will fully support the developmental agenda for Imran.

According to Fazil, they are also confident and optimistic regarding the progress of the country and believe that the country will now progress at a fast pace under the new Government.

She also said that all women entrepreneurs give developmental agenda of PTI a positive nod. While commenting on the reason women are in favor of Imran and voted for him she said that they believe that Imran will take concrete steps to empower them.

Fazil believes that as women represent the majority of the country’s population, Imran will definitely take steps towards empowering them. She believes that this will in return result in women providing all kinds of support to the government.

Women should be brought into the limelight and must also be included in economic activities which will take the social sector to new heights. She believes that those who believe in serving the people will be responsible for transforming Pakistan into the developed and progressive state.

Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded back in 2011 and provides support to women in the entrepreneurial sector and works towards women empowerment in Pakistan.

PTI’s 100-day agenda that focuses on revitalizing economic growth includes speeding up the growth of SME sector. It also includes plans to reduce the taxes, the introduction of controlled energy prices, clearing the backlog of refunds and provision of additional incentives for the manufacturing industry. PTI plans to bring reforms in FBR by introducing a business-friendly tax policy which will set the foundation of the strong economy ahead.

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