World’s largest smartphone protective glass maker launches Astra Glass for tablets and TVs

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Corning is the only renowned player in the world when it comes to protective glass for smartphones — Gorilla Glass. Since its launch with the original iPhone, it has been consistently ahead of all competition by drawing a perfect balance between scratch resistance, flexibility, and drop resistance. As of now, Corning has recently announced that they’re expanding outside of the smartphone market with their all-new glass substrate Corning Astra Glass that will be used in future tablets, laptops, and 8K TVs.

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Well, Corning prides itself on having the most rugged and advanced testing procedures to best approximate real-life scenarios. Gorilla Glass being the star product of Corning appears on many smartphones around the world. The sixth iteration of Gorilla Glass will continue to be the glass-of-choice for most 2019 flagships. And now with this newly announced Astra Glass, Corning is designing glass for devices larger than smartphones. Astra Glass is engineered to enable the higher pixel density of high-performance displays of future gadgets. The new glass will create faster, brighter and full of life images on future tablets, laptops, and 8K TVs. According to a company’s press release;

“Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today introduced a new glass substrate, Corning® Astra(TM) Glass, optimized for mid-to-large-size, immersive displays in high-performance tablets, notebooks, and 8K TVs. Corning will showcase this innovation, alongside other industry-leading solutions in its advanced glass portfolio, at the Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week in San Jose, California.”

Until now the company has not announced which products would come with Astra glass, though we expect to know more details about the products in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, it is likely we see a significant amount of TVs, laptops and tablets ship with a layer of Astra glass soon but not before next year. Scratch resistance should be the main focus here as the TVs and laptops aren’t supposed to be dropped.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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