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Xiaomi Piston V3 Youth Edition earphones are a good value for money

Written by Fatima Rizwan ·  2 min read >

AllMyTech.pk recently sent TechJuice a pair of Xiaomi Piston V3 Youth Edition Earphones for review. For the uninitiated, Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company often dubbed as the ‘Apple of China’. The private company is world’s 4th largest distributor of smartphones and other accessories.

Xiaomi has gained a major chunk of market share in Asia very quickly owing to its high-quality products and economical price. Well, who would not mind a 16000 mAh power bank for only 29 dollars? In Pakistan, there is no official distributor of Xiaomi products but a few individuals and websites are selling its products at a remarkably good rate.

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Although the market is overcrowded with cheap and low-quality earphones, we would say, getting an earphone in a low price tag with excellent build quality and great sound performance is very rare. On first impression, Xiaomi Piston V3 seemed more like a breath of fresh air. Did the product live up it to its first look? Let’s get on to the details and discuss that.


The earphones have pretty decent specifications that almost all top-notch earphones have these days.

Piston Earphone Simple Version


Mic, Play, Start Stop Buttons

3.5 mm in-ear earphone

Most devices with 3.5 mm earphone jack

98 dB

Frequency Range
20 Hz ~ 20 KHz

Cable length
1.25 m

15 g

1 x Piston Earphone Simple Version

Other Features

  • Mic control
  • Multimedia buttons (Play, stop, fast forward, fast backward)
  • Call related buttons (Receive call, reject call)

Design and build quality

Xiaomi Piston V3 in-earphones came with some extra ear buds to help you select the ones which perfectly adjusts your ears. The packaging was very neat and clean, almost seemed like I am about to get my hands on an expensive premium product. As I said earlier, the earphones had a great first impression. The light blue color was very easy on the eyes, the build quality was excellent, and the ear canal design made them an easy fit.

I am a huge fan of flatline design and it was a sweet surprise to see it on these earphones. These Xiaomi Piston V3 earphones will definitely have a long life owing to the flatline design, as compared to other mainstream earphones with circular wires which get teared with only a few bends.

Sound Quality & Testing

The earphones offer some reasonable specifications for sound quality and testing in this price range.

I heard different kinds of songs while testing these earphones, and they delivered quality with detailed music experience on average volume but as I increased the volume, the earphones started to deliver average results. On full volume, the experience was unbearable for high bass songs. The sound went from excellent to horrible as the volume peaked. If you are not a power listener of music with very high volume then it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

The earphones also helped a great deal in noise cancelation by being a perfect ear fit. I didn’t feel any pain or uneasiness while using over an extended period of time.

The calling experience was great too. I made calls, received calls all of which happened in a breeze.


For Rs. 1800, you will have a hard time finding an equal for these earphones in terms of design, durability and quality in the open market. Sure, Sennheiser earphones stand a great chance in front of these earphones but I will prefer these because of ear canal design, cool colors, and durable, break-resistant Kevlar fiber cable. If you are looking for a long-term companion for a low price then these earphones are definitely worth a try. You can buy these from AllMyTech.Pk.



Written by Fatima Rizwan
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