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Note: For installing the following Xperia U Roms you must unlock your bootloader. For unlocking check my previous post for the procedure. Here is the link : Root Xperia U by unlocking bootloader

Before flashing, do makeup a backup of your data (music, pictures etc.) because you might lose that in process.

Flashing procedures is same for almost every Rom, for flashing you must know how to boot into recovery.

1- Power down your phone.
2- Press the power on button, after vibration keep tapping the vol-up button (You’ll notice changing colors of notification light) and after 5sec your phone will boot up in recovery.

First three Roms were personally check by me and they can be used in daily routine because of their stability and smoothness.

1- [ROM][UB][UNOFFICIAL] Jelly Bean 4.1.2

Xperia U having low ram of 512 can’t be updated to jellybean. But if your phone is rooted you can enjoy the jellybean features by installing this Rom, this one is my personal favorite, because of its smoothness and yeah its battery drainage. Everything works fine, and is recommended for regular use and for playing heavy games like Asphalt 7.


  • Last Fw 6.2.A.1.100
  • XGO Porting
  • XP Apps and Frameworks
  • XL Themes, Wallpapers, Boot animation and Battery charging icon
  • SuperSU
  • X-Reality
  • Double recovery


Download the Rom zip file and copy in the root of your phone memory and boot your phone in recovery.

  • Make a backup
  • Wipe data
  • Wipe cache
  • Wipe dalvik-cache
  • Install rom by selecting install Rom from SD-card, and select the rom zip file.
  • Installation will take time, after installation reboot your phone and enjoy.

Known Bugs:

You’ll never get one if you have flashed correctly.
If you get one, tell us.

Source: Xda developersXDA



2- [ROM][4.0.4]CM9-ZII XPERIA U

This rom is a port from LINARO CM9.This is smooth too, plus it’s fast, stable, and super lite. If you want to use the stock ics but a little fast you can use this rom, because it’s much faster and lite than the stock, because stock ics is full of lags. You can play heavy games on this rom without lag, games like Despicable me which will work like charm in this. If you’re confused between unofficial jelly bean and ics we’ll prefer you to use the unofficial jellybean because it’s much better than this.


  • Android 4.0.4
  • Built on the CM9
  • Xperia Z Ultra Theme & cm9 theme
  • Fast Ever, Smooth Ever and stable Ever
  • Excellent Battery Life which Handel Hard Use
  • Removed unnecessary applications to increase your RAM
  • Faster access to applications
  • Super Multitasking
  • Tested for regular use with lot of apps.


  • Download the Rom File
  • Make Backup of Current Rom
  • Boot into Recovery
  • Wipe (Data, cache)
  • Install Zip from SD-card
  • Reboot and You’re Don
  • First Boot Will Take Time



Source: Xda developers


3-[ROM][Linaro][4.1.2] Slim Bean:

This one is my favorite too, because they slimmed out all useless apps which make it super-fast. Slim Roms comes with ASS i.e. (Advance slim settings). ASS offers its users with high end modifications and custom features like Interface, performance, theme engine support and device settings modifications. If you’re a fan of CM this rom is best for daily use but not for very hard use, the battery drainage is too fast because of deep sleep, which isn’t working.


  • Cyanogen Mod Based
  • Android 4.1 Jellybean
  • Small In Size only 90Mbs
  • Stability


Download the rom zip and the slim gapps copy them to the root of your phone memory.

  • Reboot into recovery
  • Make a backup
  • Wipe(data, cache)
  • Install zip from SD-card, install the rom
  • After that install the gapps package
  • Reboot
  • Done

Known Issues:

  • Front camera
  • Wi-Fi native tethering
  • FM Radio

Everything else works fine.

*Front camera bug can be overcome with flashing a zip file I’ll add link at the end.


4-[ROM][UB][JB 4.2.2]Official P.A.C MAN:

This rom is not for regular use. But the rom is rock stable for average users. Developers are working on it daily to fill the missing parts.

This is the first rom of its kind with a hybrid framework consisting on cm10.1, AOKP and AOSPA.


  • Android 4.2.2 Jellybean
  • CM10.1
  • Cool Interface
  • Pie Controls
  • Per App DPI
  • AOSPA 3.60


Installing, PCA MAN Rom same as installing slim bean as they both are based on CM.

  • Boot In Recovery
  • Wipe (Data, Cache)
  • Install zip from SD-card and Install the rom file
  • Then the gapps Package
  • Reboot
  • Done


Bugs are same as in slim bean

  • Led Color- not working as it in stock rom
  • Front camera
  • Wi-Fi tethering

Everything else works fine.

*Front camera bug can be overcome with flashing a zip file I’ll add link at the end

*Led color bug is also been removed you can check it on xda, it’s a simple process by flashing a simple zip.

Source: Xda developers

Link to the post:


5- [Rom][4.0.4] Miui v5:

This based on CM9, difference between MIUI and CM9 is of it’s cool interface, all other features are same as in CM.


  • Android 4.0.4
  • 200Mb free ram
  • Latest MIUI Music Player
  • Latest MIUI Theme
  • Faster access to applications Multi-language


Download the required files (Rom & gapps) copy them in your phone storage.

  • Boot in recovery
  • Make backup
  • Wipe (Data, Cache)
  • Install zip from SD-card, install the rom and the gapps.
  • Reboot
  • Done

First boot will take time, so don’t panic, be patient.


Except one in the music player, that can be ignored.

Source: Xda developers

Link to the post:


*Link for the camera fix zip:

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