Your iPhone 6 Could Last A Week On This New Hydrogen Battery

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If you feel that your iPhone 6 or any other modern smartphone dies down too soon and you are tired of charging it every few hours, then you might be in for some good news. A firm has managed to create a new kind of hydrogen-based battery that can last as long as a week on a single charge.

Intelligent Energy, a U.K-based company that delivers efficient and clean energy technology for the global consumer electronics, has pulled off an immense feat which might be the next big thing in battery technology. They set out to try to increase the battery life of a modern-day smartphone and created a custom modified version of Apple’s iPhone 6 that can work on a new patented technology to drastically increase the battery life. These days, smartphones barely last a day or two, but this method by Intelligent Energy promises a weeks worth of battery life!

The company added some special vents in the back of the modified iPhone that are used to dispose of the water vapors produced by the battery as a waste-product while the battery itself runs on hydrogen gas that is “refuelled via an adapted headphone socket”. Clearly, there are a quite a lot of quirks and things to consider right now as companies can’t just start adding vents in their smartphones and start using hydrogen-tech, so don’t expect to see this in your smartphones for at least a few more years. Nonetheless, this is a really good news and we hope Intelligent Energy manages to continue improving it and someday, maybe, we will be able to live our lives free from the constant worry of our battery every time we are away from a power socket.

Our smartphones continue to get better and better in every aspect as new technologies come by, but one technology that has been stagnant for the past few years is power storage! Today, almost all smartphones use Lithium-ion batteries which were first used commercially in a phone nearly two decades ago by Sony. Twenty years is a lot of time, especially in technology terms, so it is about time manufacturers move on from the age-old battery technologies and adopt better techniques.

Source: Telegraph

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