YouTube officially restored in Pakistan

By TechJuice on
January 18, 2016
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YouTube, the most popular video-sharing site on the planet, is officially restored in Pakistan finally. The ban has been lifted after 3 and half years.

Back in 2012, YouTube was banned in Pakistan for its refusal to remove the blasphemous “Innocence of Muslims” video, sparking widespread protests around the world. As a result, it was banned in several Muslim countries along with Pakistan and since then, there has been a stand-off between the Pakistani Government and the Google-owned video sharing site, neither ready to give-in to the other’s demands. Finally though, it seems that YouTube’s decision to introduce localized versions of the site for several countries(including Pakistan) has broken the deadlock and now, PTA has notified ISPs to restore YouTube for their users.

Here is the copy of PTA orders to restore YouTube.

PTA orders to restore YouTube

PTA orders to restore YouTube


Source of Copy – Basit Alvi

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