Slack Becomes the Newest Messaging Platform to Get a ChatGPT Integration

Salesforce, the owner of Slack announced that it is actively working with OpenAI to bring generative artificial intelligence to...

Mar 7 · >

Zoom Fires President ‘Greg Tomb’ Without Cause

Greg Tomb took up his position as the president in June 2022 and has been active on earnings calls...

Mar 4 · >

ChatGPT Answered All Interview Questions For A Software Coding Job: Asked By An Amazon Engineer

ChatGPT Answered all questions correctly asked by an Amazon engineer The interview test was based on many ChatGPT-related topics...

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Jan 27 · >

5 Best Work Planner Apps For The New Year

Every one of us has some new plans and resolutions for the new year. Whether it is related to...

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Jan 4 · >

Slack to fix error in new direct messaging feature over abuse, harassment concerns

Workplace messaging app Slack Technologies said it was working to fix an error in the direct-messaging feature it introduced...

Mar 25 · >

Slack allows users to DM anyone outside of their organization

Slack has officially launched the feature to allow users to direct message (DM) anyone. The feature, which was announced...

Mar 25 · >

Salesforce buys Slack for $27.7 billion in 8th largest tech acquisition of history

Salesforce, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software providing tech giant that has been listed as the 6th best company...

Dec 2 · >

Here are the 15 Slack Integrations and Channels you will love

Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, tried his hand at a gaming startup. Twice. The massively multiplayer online games that...

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