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YouTube Will Soon Let You Hum Tunes to Find Songs

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Currently under testing, the feature will be a competition for Shazam, an Apple owned application that can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows based off sounds

Ever experienced a time where a song tune continues to spiral in your head and you just cannot seem to remember the name of the song it’s from, frustrating isn’t it? Well, YouTube will soon offer a solution, allowing its users to simply hum half-remembered tunes in the voice search option and find the exact song it’s from.

Known as earworms, recurring tunes that pop up and stick inside the mind are very common and like everything that falls under the categories of problem, common and human, we have multiple applications for it, with the most famous one being Shazam.

Owned by Apple, Shazam has been long used by users to hum and identify songs, however with YouTube now releasing its own song finder, Shazam is about to get some competition.

According to Google, a select number of Android users are now able to test the feature, not me though, since all I got after humming the tune of my favorite song was a minute long recording of Google saying ‘hun hun hun hun hun’.

“If you’re in the experiment, you can toggle from YouTube voice search to the new song search feature, and hum or record the song you’re searching for 3+ seconds in order for the song to be identified,” said YouTube.

Google launched similar song identifiers on the Google Search widget and Google Assistant back in 2020, users however previously had to hum a tune for over 15 seconds in order to find the song that’s stuck in their head.


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