1 out of every 5 Pakistanis considers it right to use a smartphone while driving, Gilani Research

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According to a research done by Gilani Research Foundation, 4 out of every 5 Pakistani considers using a smartphone while they are driving inappropriate.

Researchers selected a nationally representative sample of men and women from all over Pakistan and asked them,“Some people believe that using mobile phones at the following locations is inappropriate or disrespectful, while some others say that the use of mobile phones is quite appropriate. What do you think of the use of mobile phones at the following locations?”

18% of the respondents believed it is appropriate to use a smartphone while they are driving and 82 % believed it is wrong

Using a smartphone in the bathroom was considered to be appropriate by 13% respondents. While 87 % of the respondents found it to be inappropriate.

37 % of respondents considered it appropriate to use the phone while dining with family while 63% considered it inappropriate.

41% said it is appropriate to use a smartphone to chat with friends when parents are around while 59% said it is inappropriate.

27 % said it is not inappropriate appropriate to talk loudly in public spaces and 72% found it inappropriate. While 1 % did not choose to respond.

21% considered it appropriate for less than 5 years old to use the phone for playing games or taking pictures while 78% believed it is inappropriate. 1 % chose to not respond.

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