10 Advices For Startup Founders from Pakistani Entrepreneurs

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Startup Founders Advice For Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Being a young entrepreneur can be overwhelming often leading to hopelessness and an early withdrawal from startup dream. The key for survival is to surround yourself with the successful people who have gone through the same path. They can advise, provide mentorship and give suggestions throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Therefore, TechJuice has compiled 10 best advices from Pakistani entrepreneurs to motivate all budding startup founders.

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1. A funny thing about money is, that it will decide where it wants to go. You can’t decide where the money should go. What you can do, is to build the best startup you can which creates value for customers.– Monis Rehman,

2. Success comes to you regardless of what the external environment is. Things are difficult and challenging, but if you as an individual have the capacity to make a difference, so regardless of what your roots are and your external environment is, you can do it. – Nauman Sikander,

3. What makes a business successful is your dedication. Startups need time and persistence. Capital is important but it comes into play when businesses expand and scale.– Zeeshan Ali Khan,

4. A small but important advice to local young entrepreneurs is that they should try and get an office space around October/November months.” – Saad Zaeem, Caramel Tech Studios

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5. The people who you pick for your team make or break you. You need to put yourself on the line to motivate others. Ego can kill you. Everyone has ideas: It is about how you implement them that matters. – Zheela Qaiser, Pakathon

6. DO select the co-founders very wisely. DO focus on your product and keep making it better. DO keep working hard and following your dreams. DON’T expect that anyone is giving you any money for your project. DON’T run after the investors (because you’re probably not getting any until your idea reaches to a certain level of initial success).” – Azm Dar, KickStoro

7. “When I started with the business, I knew I had to make it come true. I trusted myself, my abilities and my instincts.” – Shayan Tahir,

8. Always believe in yourself and never lose hope. Ups and downs are part of the startup life, use them as a learning curve and move on.– Ibtesam Sharif , DataArc Solutions

9. I disagree with people who think that ideas are hijacked by incubators or startup accelerators. A person can steal your idea but not your mind. Everything depends upon the execution of the idea and how you progress with it.– Ali Rehan, Groopic

10.I find it hard to believe that a startup would fail if they have a dedicated team working on a common goal. Pakistan is the perfect place for any startup to build, grow and sustain itself.” – Shahzeb Mirza, Magision

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