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10 Hilarious Pakistani Vines that Will Make you Laugh

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  49 sec read >

Social Media is a great way to showcase your talent and Pakistanis rarely stay behind. Vine, a new way to interact my making 6s videos has seen tremendous growth internationally. In Pakistan, people are only now beginning to use Vine so while there aren’t many Pakistanis uploading Vines frequently (a situation that needs to be remedied), we still managed to compile a list of top 10 desi, Pakistani vines that will make you laugh! Let’s jump in!

1. When your friend forgets to close the door,

2. Every time you watch a sobby Bollywood movie (wait do they even make those any more?)

3. In an Alternate Universe, Spiderman could introduce himself in a slightly cooler manner

4. Top reason why self study in a Pakistani family is a great idea,

5. How Desi boys really look on Eid when they are trying to impress girls

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6. Welcome to our local buses, we promise you won’t forget the ride

7. And since we are talking comparisons, why miss out the extra ordinary salesmen in Pakistani market?

8. When they refuse to believe that you are old enough to order food,

9. The relation that always resorts to telling the phone number in Punjabi while you stare at their face in incredulity


10. And to conclude, a cool Hyperlase of Karachi. We need more of these!

Did we miss a great vine? Share opinions below!

Written by Qurat Zafar
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