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10 Pakistani Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Written by Immad Khan ·  1 min read >
Pakistan Instagram

Pakistanis are still a bit new to instagram, and that’s the reason for writing this. Here’s a list of 10 instagram accounts you should follow when you step on to the instagram bandwagon.



With so much negativity around, this account brings to you a different joy altogether. Not only is it great photography, but its simple human powered stories make this the stand out instagram account in Pakistan. A MUST FOLLOW!


Pakistan is host to some of the most diverse cultures in the world. This particular instagram account captures the essence of true Pakistan. From scenic views to cultural heritage, this instagram makes a note to portray the real side of Pakistan.


Planning a hike to Northern Pakistan? This account will be your insta-guide. Operated by a part time blogger and a full time medical student, its full of pictures from Northern Pakistan and other parts of the country, all captured in a scenic manner.


Karachi is the urban hub of Pakistan. And it’s not like how it’s portrayed on the media with all the street crimes and everything. Karachichaiwalla captures the true essence of Karachi street life in an artistic manner, one which is hard to just pass by. From a channa walla (more commonly known as the makkayi waala) to the doodh patti waala – all pictures have a story to share.


If you are a fan of some great photography of just about everything, be it food or historical architecture or just a random scenic click of the clouds formation, this is the account to follow. The total absence of selfies is an added bonus.


A youthful account with some stunning pictures from all over Pakistan. Ehtisham Ahmad posts some of the most breath taking images from covering different aspects of general life. A must follow for photography enthusiasts.


A food blogger who posts some of the most scrumptious pictures of the magic she stirs up in her kitchen. Caution: Don’t open this when you’re hungry.


Politics, Rishtes’ and social media, all in a single plate..i mean place. His inventive humor added with a flavor of creativity makes him one of best new comic artists around. Though he’s not much active on instagram then he’s on twitter or facebook, but still, his account will add a needed dash of humor to your feed.


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Not only is he one of the top photographers in Pakistan, he also holds the best Instagram account in Pakistan, I think. Fashion, artistic shots from all over Pakistan, all this combined with Tapu’s witty humour – a perfect blend for Instagram.


There are many photographers in Pakistan, and on Instagram as well. So, why single out Abid Ali? Its not only because of his images, its about how he portrays them up with such profound quotes, giving his uploads a new touch altogether. His pictures show he’s not an ordinary editor, but someone with love for aesthetics. A must follow for any photography fan.

Written by Immad Khan
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