10 lac people to be provided IT training

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The government of Pakistan plans to launch country-wide IT training programs in next few months.

According to the government official, IT training would be provided to around 1 million Pakistanis in the next five years. The government will collaborate with hundreds of institutions in the country for this purpose. This training will be aimed at creating freelancing awareness and transferring necessary skills so that people may earn money online.

The preliminary layout of the project has been completed and will start from next few months”, said official of the government.

Pakistan stands at fourth place in the world in terms of active Freelance users and Government aims to expand it even further.

According to a recent study, by 2020 every three workers world over will be freelancing online.

What is Freelancing?

In simple terms, it is a self-employment. One can work and earn money from the comfort of their home.

Moreover, in a bid to promote IT sector in the country, the government in the recent budget(2017-18) has announced incentives for the sector, which includes tax breaks for new It firms. Owing to these tax breaks, these sectors will be able to flourish and help the economy of Pakistan.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Information and Technology and Telecommunication, Saghiar Watto stated that this was a major step that would see to great results in the IT sector in Pakistan.