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10 mobile app recommendations for Selfie Enthusiasts

Written by Ali Arshad ·  4 min read >

Are you already done with Snapchat and Instagram but still not tired of talking selfies? Does every new app your friends cajole you to join is just the “same old, same old” watered down version of those apps? Well if that’s the case, it ends now. The following apps will not only help provide a better substitute for your current apps but also those that’ll only further complement your current social profile. So let’s get straight to these apps now.

1. Frontback

This app did hit a rough patch. It was about to be closed this August, but hey justice does prevail. The app still works on my phone fine and no, it did not shut down. As the name suggests, you can take a picture from your front camera and the rear-facing at the same time. Yes let me repeat it for you again, “AT THE SAME TIME”, and yes it’s for real. There’s nothing more to it, you must have it.

Download — Android | iOS

2. Headshot

This is a Windows app. Unlike the rest, this app does the work for you. Imagine yourself going to Bahria Town Lahore for the first time to see the Eifel or Saidpur Village in Islamabad, and you need to take a selfie. Headshot tells you to look at your right or whichever direction to move your gaze to get you a perfect selfie. And if you’re too tired to go through all that trouble, you can just decide to move randomly and this app will detect the pose you look best in and *ca-ching* – YOU HAVE A SELFIE. It will detect itself the pose you look best at and just take the photo, without you have to put in a command or press any button.

Download — Microsoft

3. Pro HDR

This is a DSLR in your phone. And I know you’ve been promised this every time and yet all you found was disappointment. But I am not kidding with you — it is actually a DSLR in your phone. But since it is a DSLR you might feel it is a bit complicated to use. But, worry not, you will get a hang of things when you started to use it. So what I’d suggest is, explore the app, take photos in all modes and see which you look best in. The good thing about it is that once you get a hold of it, you get photos that need no tinkering with. They are great the way you take’em and that way those selfies you tweet (taken by Retrica or Candy Cam) saying “all natural” will actually be “#NoFilter”.

Download — Android | iOS

4. Perfect 365

This one’s especially for the girls. How many times were you getting late for a class and didn’t do make up? and for some lazy girls that is the case every day. Worry not because with this application — you take your selfie manually, you click it, you tap on to the selfie you take and *whoosh*— the genie has answered one of your wishes that is “one tap makeup”.

Download – Android | iOS

5. Sun Strategy

This one’s for the perfectionists and those who wish to be hard-core cool. The framework is quite flimsy but the only good and, for many, a ground-breaking thing is that it has a compass which tells you which direction the sun is at. This helps you control the exposure of the photo. Once you know where the light in a surrounding is you’ll automatically know what way to turn your face to get a great picture. You won’t have to go through the ordeal of moving your camera at a constant 360 degrees to find the perfect frame for your picture. Seeing it this way, makes you think of how this app can save up all your time and still get you the best of the selfies and not to mention your potential next dps too.

Download – Android

6. Pocketbooth

Since in Pakistan, not many or none are blessed with an actual photo booth. So while, this app may serve as an alternative for many round the globe but for us this is the only photo booth. Pocket booth lets you take selfies in a go, with your friends or you alone and it has a lot of options you can choose from. Whether its black and white shots or those “NYC vibes” photos you always crave for, you name it and Pocketbooth does it. It is a really fun app and better than the rest of the apps that you or many among us use like Cam Star or what not. Instead of low quality frames and filters, Pocketbooth gives you promising results.

Download – Android | iOS

7. Rookie

We’ve all heard about this app. We all had it once in our phones. We all liked it. But they keep all the good filters for the “premium users” and to be a premium user, you’ll have to buy the app. Before I reveal to you a secret, you must understand that Rookie is the best or one of the very few apps that’ll make your selfie worthy of all the facebook likes and instagram followers. Now moving on to the secret, some might judge you for doing this and some might just say that it is a very Pakistani thing of you to do. But hey haters gonna hate. Rookie allows you to see the picture in their premium version filters but won’t allow you to save it. So, may be, take a screen shot instead and crop the picture out of it. This will definitely make your life much easy.

Download — Android | iOS

8. Picr

This app is for us all. This app allows you to take a selfie every day for a year and then turn all those selfies into a video for you to see not only your transformation but cherish the time that’s gone. It has other features too, for you to edit your selfies but the idea of taking a selfie everyday makes the life of those compulsive selfie maniacs more fun and entertaining. And even better, the app also alerts you everyday to take a selfie. So don’t worry that you’ll skip a day and this whole one year thing would fall apart but instead start expecting constant reminders everyday once you install the app.

Download – iOS

9. Cymera

This has everything at one place for you. You can make your collage, add filters to your photo, post it on any social networking profile and take pictures from its own in-built camera too. The app also allows you to adjust the exposure easily and the blemish and whitening features are also available. This saves up a lot of time for many of us. The entire process of jumping from one app to another to edit one photo is definitely eased up with the use of Cymera. However, similar to this is another app called “Litely” and those who may have complaints for this app can give “Litely” a shot. Both apps are almost similar but you pick whichever suits you the best.

Download — Android | iOS

10. Bazaart

For the extrovert and the out-going version of ourselves, Bazaart brings us the opportunity of making a collage. But, the minute you make your collage and save it to your camera roll and press “finish”, your collage is immediately posted online and then other users can like it. Other than that, Bazaart is really best for making collages. Not only it offers a wide range of tools to customize your collages but also offers you a platform where you can share your collages and see other people’s collages to get an idea. It is the only app you’ll find where collages are taken seriously and admired. So if you ever wish to put all your selfies in a collage (which you do every time you take a selfie), then Bazaart is definitely the way to go.

Download — iOS

Do let me know if we have missed any important application.