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I am an aspiring techno-preneur, having passion for writing and Digital Media. I have Bachelors in Business Administration from Bahria University, Karachi and currently en route to completing my MBA from SZABIST, Karachi.

Immad Khan

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How to keep your Facebook privacy intact

One of my colleagues recently commented about privacy in an interesting conversation. He said, and I quote, “Privacy? Are...

Oct 13 ·>

Run Sheeda Run Game Review

Introduction Run Sheeda Run is a tricky game to review because there is this huge hype surrounding the game...

Oct 10 ·>

In Conversation with Farzal Dojki, CEO of DotZero

I recently got a chance to sit with Farzal Dojki, the Founder of Next Generation Innovation, and currently the...

Sep 30 ·>

How to write an exceptional Cover Letter

Job hunting is the toughest job itself. Surfing through jobs, prepping your resume and preparing for grueling interview session-...

Sep 26 ·>

P@SHA Elections 2014-2015: New Chairman and Central Executive Committee

Dr. Shoab Khan, CEO of CARE Pvt. Ltd., has been elected as a Chairman of Pakistan Software Houses Association...

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Sep 22 ·>

10 Things Fresh Graduates Need to Know Before Starting a Job

As another year is about to come to a close, a new bunch of fresh graduates are going to...

Sep 19 ·>
Fresh Graduates

Workplace Harassment – A menace within our Society

Not everything about jobs and workplace is as green as it looks from the outside. With a lot of...

Sep 18 ·>
Sexual-Harassment Pakistan’s first Digital Music Delivery Service in collaboration with Ufone is providing Pakistan’s first web-based platform for emerging and seasoned musicians to showcase their...

Sep 18 ·>

Oppo N3 Images Leaked before Release in October

Oppo N1, released last year, impressed tech enthusiasts around the world with its sleek design and a rotating 13-megapixel...

Sep 16 ·>

15 Exceptional Resumes from all over the Internet

Maybe you know what you want to pen down on your resume, but you are not sure of how...

Sep 15 ·>

An Afternoon with the Founders of EatOye.Pk is a food delivery service operating in 13 Pakistani cities with headquarters in Karachi.’s roots can be...

Sep 15 ·>

10 Questions asked in an Interview and How to tackle them

Before sitting for an exam, if we even get a hint as to what questions we would have to...

Sep 12 ·>