10 Pakistani startups to help you in daily life tasks

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Just a decade back, it would have been considered absolutely bizarre that simple daily tasks like getting groceries or getting your clothes laundered would be affected by advancements in the field of IT. But, here we are, a decade later, and thanks to the phenomenon of ‘entrepreneurship’ which has encouraged different intelligent minds to look into matters which previously went unaddressed.

Today, we have done more than what we ever imagined. Everything related to humans is getting hassle-free due to the integration of IT within the society. Entrepreneurs have further bridged the gap by stepping out of their comfort zones and finding creative and innovative solutions using IT for the ease of humanity.

Pakistanis are no less. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best applications developed by Pakistani developers that make our everyday lives much easier.

1. Auto Genie

What if your car breaks down on a deserted road with no mechanic in sight or is it that you do not have the number of any local repairer? In both the cases, this app ‘Auto Genie’ could be an answer. Download this application or just give them a call and leave everything else to ‘Auto Genie’. If in their domain, they will visit wherever are you to give your ride a repair. But do not take that it is only the emergency car check-ups which they do. You can also ask for routinely engine check-ups, regular oil changing and other value added services. They can be contacted via their website as well.

2. DeliveryChacha

DeliveryChacha is a one of its kind solution for any of the daily household needs of general nature. This Chacha can do very diverse types of jobs for you. Whether you want something ordered from somewhere, something to be picked from somewhere, something to be delivered to somewhere or you just want to get your bills paid, DeliveryChacha will do everything. The enterprise responds to about a thousand orders daily and gets their tasks done within an hour or so. You can also contact them via their website or by dialing their dedicated phone number.

3. AnyTicket

AnyTicket is a quite recent venture by a tech company ‘Bramerz’ and is therefore currently operational in Lahore only. They have directly collaborated with a few cinemas to ensure that you get your ticket booked and seat reserved. Out of the mainstream school, this start-up is focusing on ‘integration’ instead of ‘collaboration’ which can get users some real comfort. The product is in beta stages but as Bramerz progresses with the necessary data compilation, we can expect a pretty mature product from this award-winning company in near future.

4. EatOye

EatOye is a food delivery service operating in 13 Pakistani cities with headquarters in Karachi. The startup grew immensely within a short time span. This phenomenal service started back in 2011 and today with over 700 restaurants onboard, EatOye is catering appetites of 100’s of customer’s daily. This application can also help you and bring some very tasty delicacies to your tables. The service is available just a click away.

5. Daraz

Definitely, daraz is one top-notch solution to every consumer’s shopping needs. They have got thousands of products and provide 24/7 access. Through their service, buyers’ can get their products delivered to their doorsteps. For the users who refrain from buying online, this enterprise has come up to their convenience by giving them offers that ensure security and peace of mind like Cash on Delivery and Return/Replacement options. You also get to have the option to track your order online. They are available on their website, mobile applications and on their hotline.

6. Careem

Careem is a startup from Middle-East which has acquired a Lahore-based Pakistani start-up to aid the consumer’s daily commuting needs here in Pakistan. Pakistani Careem users can get planned pick/drop services on comfortable dedicated rides for reasonable fares within the city at any time of the day. Till now the service has been made available in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad only and the luxurious taxis can be booked by their website, mobile application or just by a phone call

7. Sukoon

If you ever need some repair work to be done at your home, you can contact this company to do all the hassle of finding you the expert workforce and get your repair done. Sukoon is a Karachi based online home repair company which can provide you almost all of the home repairing solutions. You can book professional repair services by visiting their web-application or by giving them a phone call.

8. Patari

This is one Pakistani alternative to Spotify/Shazam which can get you your favorite Pakistani songs just at one single touch. Patari has built applications for all of the major available mobile platforms which you can utilize. With over 80 Pakistani music labels, they currently have the biggest content library of Pakistani music ever assembled in one place. So, just sign on with Patari and start listening to your favorites.

9. AaramShop

AaramShop is an online grocery shopping network which offers a highly useful service to get you your daily groceries at your place whenever you want via your preferred local retailer. The service has over a thousand products which you can get within the delivery time of two hours without any compromise on cost or quality. The network has recently launched two mobile applications to specifically cater all of the consumers’ and retailers’ needs separately.

10. Sehat

Sehat, a venture of a Lahore-based company ‘Apothecare Private Limited’, is a comprehensive e-commerce solution which caters the health-care needs. With this facility, you can order medicines from anywhere in Pakistan with an option of Cash on Delivery. Not only does it provides medicines at one’s doorstep, it can go even beyond to get one vaccinated at one’s home. They also have a toll-free number. Alternatively, you can place your order via their website as well.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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