10 social life hacks everybody should know

Written by Saadia Iqbal ·  1 min read >

Some people naturally find their place in the world but some have to struggle especially if they don’t have social skills. Such people often can’t find a place in the world which makes them comfortable. Well, you won’t, always. You have got to change yourself and not just survive but thrive in social circles. So here is a list of top 10 social hacks to succeed in social circles.

1. Escape a never-ending conversation

Some people just never stop talking. Don’t end the conversation like amateurs by looking at your watch and say ‘oh I am late’… instead, place your hand on their shoulder and tell them in a slow and polite way that you have to go.

2. Never agree with someone immediately

Never agree with a person 100% immediately. Always ask questions. Make sure the question is insightful so that the person feels they can trust you for being wise and genuine.

3. Don’t lash out at insults

If someone insults you, just smile. Not because you don’t know how to argue but because you know you are better than this. It is their insecurity which makes them say stuff like that. If a group of people is making fun of you, just relax and enjoy their attention. You will be surprised to know how many haters can’t bear your success.

4. Trick people to do you a favor

Whenever you are asking someone for a favor, give them 3 options. They will always choose the one that easiest.
1) A small favor
2) A big favor
3) A ridiculous favor
Make sure you slip your favor in option 1 because that’s what people most likely to choose.

5. Don’t chew gum

Never chew gum as it shows you are nervous. But if you are nervous, then go ahead, chew gum.

6. Don’t be a frequently generous person

When you are in a social group, never be overly generous. If you are frequently generous, then everyone will take you for granted. When someone offers you something, you will have to give it back someday even if it’s for free. It’s the worst feeling in the world when they slap you by saying they spent so much money on you.

7. Take notes

Show a level of intelligence that most of us never do – whenever necessary ‘take notes.’

8. Find out who your true friend is

Want to know who your true friend is? Tell everyone that you have no money. The one who still invites you to their gathering is in fact, a true friend.

9. Focus on people’s body language

Our body language speaks the truth about us. If someone’s arms are folded, that means they are trying to control their emotions. The way people twitch their expressions, point their feet to a direction or move their eyes tells a lot about what they are thinking.

10. Don’t bother what people think

No matter how good you are, there will be some people in your social group who will hate you for everything and anything you do. Don’t waste your time trying to impress them.

If you found these social life hacks helpful, share it with others. You never know who needs a little help.