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How To Make Your Slow & Old PC Worth Using? Effective Tricks And Tips!

So, having a hard time dealing with your old PC but don’t want to invest in a new one?...

Dec 21 ·>
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5 YouTube Channels That Will Help you Become a Master at Excel

Almost every job you take up will require you to use Excel either directly or indirectly, thus it is...

Microsoft Excel YouTube Channels

6 Personal Branding Tips That Will Take You a Long Way in Your Career

Ever through how certain brands have been able to form a great image in your mind and turned you...

Jul 28 ·>

How to speed up Google Chrome on your Android phone

Despite your Android phone having the latest specs, there is always a chance your browsing performance on Chrome may...

Jan 17 ·>

How to transfer your WhatsApp data from your iPhone to Android

If you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android then most probably you have come around with the problem...

Oct 29 ·>

Determine your market value: Here is how Pakistani freelancers can calculate their hourly rate (step-by-step)

What’s the best thing about being a freelancer?  First off, there is no limit to what you can earn,...

Jun 14 ·>

How To Play PlayStation 4 And 5 Games On Your Computer And Smartphone

Just by reading the title, you might be assuming this is some new hack found out by someone on...

Jun 11 ·>

Here is how you can have your lost or stolen mobile phone blocked with PTA’s new online system

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) recently launched a new automated Lost & Stolen Device System (LSDS) for blocking citizen’s...

Jun 7 ·>

How to watch videos on YouTube which are blocked for your country?

If you visit YouTube regularly to watch videos of your interest, chances are that you might stumble upon an...

Nov 30 ·>
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How to stop iOS apps from stealing your Apple ID password?

Almost all iPhone or iPad users have observed popups requiring to enter Apple ID and password, this looks like...

Oct 31 ·>

How to play Youtube in the background on iOS and Android?

Many of us often face a problem of playing Youtube on Google Chrome browser on our mobile. You have...

Oct 20 ·>
The links of Youtube can be easily played on Telegram, without any need of sending a user to the original app, to play Youtube in the background.

How to set-up a wordpress blog in 5 minutes

Today, I am going to tell you how you can set up your WordPress blog in 5 minutes. There...

Jul 13 ·>