Google’s ‘Head of Global Resilience’ shares the secret to avoiding burnout: TEA

Did you think it’s the kind of TEA you usually drink? While you might be tempted to boil a...

May 6 ·>

Small room-like pods could be the future of remote work in a post pandemic world

A Singaporean company called Switch has created small room-like pods, which cost less than four Singapore dollars ($3; £2.15)...

Apr 13 ·>

Become a certified Filmora video editor through this 5-week crash course in Pakistan

Airschool has just opened enrollments for its Learn Advanced Level Video Editing course. It can be attended by students...

Dec 7 ·>

How to be productive and stay active at home during lockdown?

Coming back stronger than ever, the Coronavirus has made an unwelcome comeback this month. This wave has, yet again,...

Nov 24 ·>

Google adds AR science lesson features to Search

Google Search is on of the most used pieces of technology in the world. Mostly, it’s used to look...

May 11 ·>

Sindh Government launches YouTube channel to help students study online

The Government of Sindh has recently created a YouTube channel by the name of “Online Classes College Education Department...

Google launched three apps for preventing screen addiction at Play Store under category of “Experiments with Google”

Screen addiction has become a bitter reality in today’s world. People have developed the urge to constantly check their...

Jan 24 ·>

How to declutter your mind and get organized?

Did you know an average person goes through 70,000 thoughts per day? If you don’t organize these thoughts, they...

Aug 28 ·>

These are the 5 secrets to a successful to-do list

We all know that a to-do list is a layout of how you are going to start your day....

Aug 28 ·>

7 hacks through which you will never miss a single deadline

I hear you; deadlines can be scary and stressful. But the truth is they are often the only reason...

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5 ways to prioritize tasks when everything is important

Have you ever had that sinking feeling where there is too much on your plate? Does it feel like...

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3 morning rituals of highly productive people

Being productive is not always a piece of cake when you have got so much to do. Highly productive...

Aug 28 ·>