10xC invests in 11 startups

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The concept of business incubation is neither new nor unique but has been in place for helping entrepreneurs for over 50 years. However, in Pakistan business incubation is still a budding phenomenon.

Over the years, Pakistan has seen its fair share of business education programs. Most recently, an organization named Planet N Group of Companies launched its tech accelerator and seed funding venture 10xC aims to help Pakistani tech startups grow and flourish. Working on a hybrid model, 10xC not only provides advice but also finances monetary funds to help startup founders start their own businesses.

The chairperson of the, Mr. Nadeem Hussain states, “If you’re young, energetic and motivated – very few jobs out there will be fulfilling as per your ambitions. Start a startup instead – we may just fund you!”

10xC finances Rs. 10 lac with their full support at first while based on performance and business excellence of the startup, it increases investment in the venture up-to a huge sum of Rs. 1 crore. The vision of 10xC is to help young starters to succeed and become beacon of hope and role models for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Below are few startups which are funded and guided by

1. Place my Ad

Place my Ad is one of the startup funded and guided by It is basically an online ads agency where you can book your ads in any of the leading Newspapers and magazine with a single click. They have assembled all the online New journals, Newspapers and leading magazine in a single place. The concept and idea is very unique and new to this country.

2. Mobile doctor has invested in Mobile doctor because of the startup’s revolutionary idea. It is a high-tech health detector which works by detecting the patterns of cough on the basis of database related to known infections/viruses and diagnoses the potential disease which might be causing cough. This health detector can also detect disease at an early stage.

3. Fix My Phone

Another tech venture funded by Fix My Phone claims that it is the only reliable online agency trusted by people. Its popularity is increasing from the day it was launched. They provide an online service to repair smart phones / Tablets with added convenience of pickup and delivery at one’s doorstep. Many have tried this online service and recommend others as well.

4. The Creative Verge (Virtual Assistant)

This online service is important for business executives as they don’t have the time to do all the bidding for themselves. The Creative Verge provides an application which serves as a ‘Virtual Assistant’ for handling appointments and schedules by using Artificial Intelligence. In case of failing to comply with the schedules and/or any changes, the service communicates to the other party of the delay and re-schedules the meeting in no time.

5. Labcloud

Labcloud is a web platform where you can book lab test, view reports and manage them without the hassle of actually going to a laboratory and get all these things done. They also aims to provide the pickup service for blood samples and get it delivered to the concerned laboratory for you.

6. Read up

Read up is a digital publishing platform that promotes ebook reading over digital devices. This online service aims to provide online content cheaper than the print version. In the near future, Read up will be publishing original content online.

7. Wifinity

Wifinity is Pakistan’s first online and offline entertainment platform. It aims to provide good quality videos to consumers- across different platforms and devices.

8. Retina VR

Retina VR is revolutionizing the way real estate works by developing virtual reality applications that offer the most immersive way to visualize properties and places without one having to step outside.

9. YehCheez

YehCheez caters to the need of students who want to study in a different place other than their usual one. YehCheez aims to provide a platform where students can find economical place in the country and get all the necessary details regarding the selected place of stay.

10. HoBuddies

Hobuddies is a platform for speed networking. It aims to provide an atmosphere where entrepreneurs, students, and hobbyists come together and exchange ideas for personal and professional growth and eventually, through handholding, can help each other achieve their desired goals and ambitions.

11) Intellibit

IOT, internet of things, means everything is communicating through internet either it is physical of virtual. Intellibit makes technology to make human life smarter than before. Below are few perks of using Intellibit.

  • The system controls and manages power usage on run time.
  • It optimizes heating and cooling system.
  • It has a universal control panel for all electric appliances.
  • It schedules to control electrical appliances.

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