12 Independence Day Celebration Suggestions For Offices in 2022

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Independence day

Pakistan is a mixture of distinct people belonging to different cultures, regions, caste, geographical regions, ethnicity, and gender. Yearly, Pakistani celebrate their respective religious festivals and various global holidays with full enthusiasm and spirit. But, for sure one thing is very clear all Pakistanis, including the youth and adults both, celebrate Independence day together with full zeal and zest. This year the country will complete 75 years of its Independence.

Besides, we still take a trip down memory lane of our memories of celebrating Independence day back in school, college, and at our homes. When we used to raise the flag high in the air, reciting the national anthem loudly and our chests stuck out with pride. Every year it gives us a fresh feeling on Independence day, no matter in which corner of the world we are sitting.

Hence, all the people feel the same on 14th August. Though, their way of celebrating Independence day may differ. One distributes food among the poor on this special occasion, another person celebrates this occasion by throwing a party at home or a club. But Office people can make this day memorable with some exciting celebrations.
Here we are bringing some exciting ideas for office people to celebrate this occasion in their office with full enthusiasm. This will guide you to have some ideas to celebrate Independence day from a different perspective by paying tribute to their motherland. Here, we bring you 12 Independence day celebration suggestions for offices in 2022.So what are you waiting for? Let’s have some ideas

1. Hoisting a Pakistani Flag

flag hoisting

Hoisting a Pakistani flag is an essential part of celebrating Independence day. By raising the Pakistani flag and allowing it to flap according to its own free will, we announce our Independence. It’s an amazing site to see the Pakistani flag color at the top hoisting in the air.

Hence, this should be practiced in every Pakistani office to develop a culture of peace. Afterward, everyone needs to sing a national anthem. The flag hoisting event should mark the beginning of celebrating Independence day at the office.

2. Arranging the Traditional Dressing Competition

On Independence day you should show your patriotism by wearing Pakistani colors i.e Green and White. Undoubtedly, it’s a color of peace and prosperity and helps in bringing different cultures and society people on one platform. For instance, Pakistan has four provinces and different regions therefore, people wear different dresses according to their region.

However, mostly in any office, people belonging to different cultures work together. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear traditional clothes to your offices on Independence day and give others a competition.

3. Decorating the Office in Green and White

14 August

Whenever there is some celebration in the office decoration is a must. When you are celebrating Independence day, how can you forget decorating your workplace? However, if you are out of ideas, do a simple thing buy Pakistani flag garlands or make them by buying Pakistani flag and rope. Then hang them around everywhere in the office.

Moreover, you can fill your office with the Green and White color balloons as this will give a fresh feeling to the workforce and the workplace will look good.
On Independence day beautiful hand-crafted paper Pakistani flag fans can be inserted everywhere in the office to decorate the stairs or rooms. Double-colored ribbons are available in the market, so you can use them to decorate your office.

4. Conducting a Guest Speech

A country’s Independence day is nothing less than an inspiration for many, as it happened due to the sacrifice offered by some brave humans. Movies related to the sacrifices of the martyred can be shown to the employees in remembrance of the sacrifice of our soldiers. Speeches can be arranged and a story competition can be a good option to get to know about their forefathers who played a vital role.

Additionally, the office manager can invite a guest speaker on this occasion from the army, navy, airforce, police activist, or a political party leader serving the country. Someone who can share their true feelings and experience while serving the country in the form of speech to motivate the office staff.

5. Figure Out Interesting Games To Play

On Independence day you need to be happy and enjoy this day to the fullest as we are living as independent individuals in this country. We cannot understand this if we are not allowed to live independently. Nowadays, offices monitor the work progress of their employees and direct them.

But on Independence day, give your employees a break from work and allow them to have fun. As a supervisor, figure out interesting games for your staff to play and organize gaming competitions and give them rewards like appreciation and small flag badges

6. Check your History Knowledge


Everybody knows that Pakistan became independent on 14th August 1947, at midnight, it was an announcement on radio Pakistan that Pakistan has become a separate nation. Though India also became independent on the same day, it celebrates its Independence day on 15th August a day after us,

So checking your history knowledge is essential. If office colleagues sit together on Independence day and discuss history with each other, that will be more beneficial, as this activity will lead to the spread of knowledge. Moreover, they can share other significant facts and figures about the country. How can we contribute and work together to make our nation a better place to live for our upcoming generations as we are building futures for our society?

7. Organize Singing and Dancing Competition

Don’t you enjoy singing and dancing? Of course, you do then why not organize singing and dancing competitions on Independence day in your office? Believe me, it will be fun and everyone will have a great time. Singing and dancing to national songs usually bridge the cultural gaps. Additionally, the hidden talents of your colleagues and bosses will come to light.

Afterward, cake cutting ceremony will also help to engage all employees with joy and pride in their own country’s celebration. Indeed! the ownership of having an independent nation is no less than achieving a target or any reward.

8. Watching Patriotic Movies

Watching patriotic movies on Independence day is an obligatory thing. Movies always leave a great impact on our minds since childhood, therefore, planning to show a patriotic movie is a good idea and the employees will surely love it. Besides, Pakistani channels know their audience and only play famous patriotic movies or Independence day campaigns. Even in cinemas, the movie marked mostly release patriotic movies on this day.

Hence, set up a large screen in your office e, grab the popcorn, play any patriotic movie and watch it all together with your teammates. Believe me, this will be an unforgettable experience.

9. Plan Picnic or Tour

Well, you can plan a picnic or tour to celebrate Independence day. Eating and outing always prove to be an amazing experience which everybody cherishes. However, an opportunity of eating and going out with family is what most people get, but there are many fewer opportunities for an outing with office mates.
Yet, both are entirely different experiences, so the office manager must plan a picnic or tour on Independence day.

10. Arrange a Lunch or Dinner

A cake with Pakistan flag on a lunch on the event of national day or independence day celebration family event

Various food startups are rising in Pakistan like homemade, caterers, event planners, and many more. Due to these services, one can order the food or hire them to arrange a party for their employees to make it a memorable day. So why not arrange a lunch party on Independence day in your office and order food from such service providers?

Nevertheless, it will be an amazing experience to dine in with your office colleagues surrounded by all the Independence day decorations like flags, balloons, ribbons, and much more. So ask your office manager to arrange either lunch or dinner to celebrate Independence day.

11. Performing Role Plays and Dramas

Pakistan is full of talented people, who make sure that Pakistan’s poetry, prose, plays, and drams are always top-notch. Certainly, these things differentiate Pakistan from various other countries, and it is known as the land of art and culture.

So, why not show your culture on this Independence day? If you perform Indian plays or dramas in your offices, your teammates will get to discover the rich legacy of art and culture of India. So they can feel proud of their amazing art and culture

12. Organize Quiz Competition

Quiz competitions make us excited. Thus quizzes are not only a fun activity but they help us to know various things that we need to know. Hence our knowledge increases about a wide range of topics. So why not organize a quiz competition in your office on Independence day? It will be fun and you will come to know which of your colleagues have an interest in history.

After spending a fun-filled Independence day at your office with colleagues, do not forget to pay tribute to the sacrifices of brave young soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their beloved country.