18-year old from Karachi develops crime-fighting app

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Karachi has carved a reputation for being one of the most dangerous metropolises in the world, and rightly so. Getting mugged on the streets of the City of Lights is quite a normal occurrence which, given the traumatizing nature of the act, is deeply disturbing. An ambitious 18-year old, however, is looking to change that for the better with his app.

Freelancer and entrepreneur, Faizullah Arain has developed Crighter, an app that aims to fight crime by empowering the potential victim to get help swiftly. Not only can a user get in touch with selected contacts whenever he or she feels threatened, but the app also allows one to record the crime and its perpetrator and even determine safe routes for traveling.

Here is how it works: you sign up entering your details as well as those of your close contacts (ideally trustworthy individuals like your parents and guardians). Once you’ve done that, the app is ready to be used by pressing the “Start” button on the screen. Conveniently enough, the app works even if your phone is in sleep mode.

Whenever you feel like you are in danger, you can use Crighter to alert your contacts. Furthermore, the app captures continuous images for five seconds and also records audio, location, and date. This information can play a vital role in pursuing a criminal investigation against the perpetrator who can eventually be brought to justice.

Additionally, the app utilizes smart maps to allow you to enter your route and show you the “Safe”, “Normal” and “Dangerous” paths so that you are in a position to make safer decisions with respect to your journey.

While there is no infallible and universal solution to crime, apps like Crighter are a beacon fo hope for the masses. Arain himself is understandably proud of his product and credits hard work and luck for his success. You can get this app here.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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