Election Commission launches an app to help voters know all polling details

Aqsa Khunshan • July 19, 2018

A mobile app for capital market investors introduced in Pakistan

Aqsa Khunshan • July 12, 2018

Election Commission of Pakistan will use a mobile app for polling results

Aqsa Khunshan • July 4, 2018

After Snapchat, Instagram now targets YouTube with its new video hub

Asra Rizwan • June 7, 2018
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook copies lip syncing functionality of Musical.ly

Asra Rizwan • June 6, 2018

Google Lens is now available on Play Store as a standalone app

Talha Saqib • June 5, 2018

Instagram is not going back to chronological feed – Here’s why

Talha Saqib • June 4, 2018

Teenagers are giving up on Facebook for this social platform, study

Asra Rizwan • June 1, 2018

Apple to introduce a Digital Health Initiative to kill your iPhone addiction

Aqsa Khunshan • June 1, 2018

CEO Telegram says Apple is blocking its app updates globally

Sajeel Syed • May 31, 2018

How to mute an Instagram account without unfollowing?

Asra Rizwan • May 23, 2018

Now you can reshare Instagram posts to stories

Asra Rizwan • May 18, 2018

This crypto wallet app will let you trade Bitcoins without an internet connection

Sajeel Syed • May 17, 2018

A malicious Bitcoin wallet app which steals cryptographic keys exposed by Electrum

Sajeel Syed • May 10, 2018

Microsoft unveils new Fluent Design elements for Windows 10 coming this year

Talha Saqib • May 9, 2018