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18-year-old’s life saved by Siri

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Siri, Apple’s famous little artificial intelligence assistant, saved the life of an 18-year old in a recent incident and turned out to be a life-saver(quite literally) for the poor teen.

Sam Ray, a resident of Murfressboro, Tennessee U.S, was tweaking with his truck which was held up by a jack when suddenly, the jack gave way and the truck fell over him. With no one near to call for help, Ray was stuck beneath the truck in shock. He tried to shimmy his way out but he was in a really bad shape, with his left arm above his head and the truck’s exhaust resting on his body (it caused some serious burns), but then comes the heroic Siri. While trying to move his body, he managed to somehow press the home screen button of his iPhone which was lying close by, and ended up activating Siri.


As soon as Sam Ray heard Siri’s voice, he started screaming, “Call 911!” and the genius little assistant managed to catch those words(on its fourth-fifth try from what Sam says) and then he kept on yelling loudly as the call was picked up. Eventually, the 911-emergency managed to track him, for which the credit again goes to iPhone. The law-enforcement agency tracked the phone and managed to save the teen’s life.

According to Sam, he was stuck beneath that truck for an excruciatingly painful 40 minutes and suffered some serious burns on his arms along with a bruised kidney, concussion, some broken ribs. He would have been in a critical condition had it not been for Siri, because according to the chief of trauma and surgical care at Vanderbilt University, Ray was incredibly lucky to be okay and recovering easily. He also mentioned that such injuries could be fatal.

From what he told WKRN, Ray was terrified to death after this ordeal,

‘It was kind of the realization that what in the world just happened! Oh my Gosh, this could be the end.’

Apple’s iOS has had a feature that lets you long press the home button from anywhere in iOS (including the lock screen) that launches Siri instantly, and this is what turned out to be a miracle in disguise for Sam Ray. Siri is Apple’s variant of an artificial intelligence assistant and comes built-in with every idevice these days. It is capable of doing quite a lot but apparently even Apple isn’t aware about its best feature: it saves lives!

Source: WKRN and Image Credits: WKRN, TheImaginativeConservative

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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