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18th Edition of SOFTEC eagerly awaited this March!

Written by Ezaaz Waseem ·  2 min read >

FAST – NUCES brings its famed SOFTEC (Software Exhibition and Competition) Event for you all. SOFTEC aims to bridge the gap between learning and application through a series of events which test the skill and talent of the participants. The events are academic in nature- from programming competition to engineering competition, each module of SOFTEC is designed to bring out the intellectual abilities of students and sharpen their pre-existent capabilities. Most of all, SOFTEC is fun. Once every year, students from all over the country gather to participate in the challenges and have the time of their life.

This is the 18th National and 9th International SOFTEC event and is scheduled to be held on 8th and 9th of March, 2014, hosted by NUCES – Lahore Campus.

The event is planned with a huge budget and immense hard work. A total of 7 competitions are planned for this year along with 5 different exhibitions and many other exciting things. The AppJuice is the official media partner and we got a chance to visit the team behind this year’s event. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for latest news and pictures from the event!


The Competitions

1. Software Competition

A competition of software projects for students and fresh graduates giving participants invaluable exposure to real-world evaluation benchmarks

2. Programming Competition

A team-based competition where participants will present programmed solutions to complex problems in a limited amount of time

3. G3n.X Gaming Competition

An arena for dedicated and serious gamers to compete, and exhibit their talents

4. Engineering Project Competition

In Engineering Project competition participants will be judged based on their engineering projects

5. MicroController Interfacing Competition

MicroController Interfacing Competition participants will be required to design and construct a circuit using a microcontroller to solve a given problem in given time

6. Ideas Xtreme (National)

The Ideas Xtreme competition is a platform for young creative minds (school-going children) to showcase their ideas to be used in I.T. sector in future.

7. RoboRumble

For the first time ever, SOFTEC has tried to attract tech-enthusiasts to participate in RoboRumble competition with their engineering masterpieces

The Exhibitions

  • Software House Enclosure
  • I.T. Industry Displays
  • Education Consultants & Education Insurance Arena
  • Start-up
  • Kidz Corner

IT Conferences are also on the House

SOFTEC is bringing two topics for this year’s edition and we will not break surprise by mentioning the speakers but topics can be shared for sure.

Topic 1 – “People, Purpose & Passion: The Pathway to Success”

Topic 2 – “Insights to share”

Topic one has a focus on entrepreneurship and can attract so many aspiring entrepreneurs to get to know real time challenges that entrepreneurs have to face. The second topic will be revolving around findings of experts in the IT industry. This will definitely trigger the spirit to become the CEO of a big player.

SOFTEC as a Vision

The two days annual event has gone way beyond expectations in establishing the culture of creativity amongst the students. Time and again students have surprised the guests, judges and all the attendees with the skills they possess.

With its 18th volume in the picture there is some serious talent that will be unleashed and showcased. Other than that there is recreation and so much happening all at one place, FAST-NUCES Lahore Campus. Undoubtedly, being the biggest of all the campuses it has taken the IT industry of Pakistan to a whole new level.

For catching all the updates keep visiting The AppJuice. For all participation purposes log onto www.softecnu.org

Written by Ezaaz Waseem
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