Cyber Security “Expert” claims WhatsApp “sells” user data, SOFTEC 2019

The Software Exhibition and Competition, organized by FAST National University Lahore is the biggest software competition in Pakistan. SOFTEC...

Mar 24 ·>

Pakistan’s biggest university-based software competition, SOFTEC set to start on 16th March

The Software Exhibition and Competition, (SOFTEC), is set to start from 16th March. Organized by the SOFTEC Society of...

Mar 14 ·>

SOFTEC ’18 concludes, here are the winners

After two days of immense effort, the teams finally got a chance to rest their minds. Yes, the winners...

Mar 13 ·>

Security Analysts conduct a conference on cybersecurity as SOFTEC ’18 kicks off

SOFTEC, short for the Software Competitions and Exhibition, has officially started. We are witnessing the event entering into its...

Mar 11 ·>

SOFTEC’14 – The biggest IT event of Pakistan is here

Despite the fact that Pakistan and Sri Lanka were head to head in the Asia cup final today, students showed up to...

Mar 8 ·>

Win 5 lac in Prizes: Register for Softec 2014 Now!

If you have been waiting for a grand competition to participate in, here is your chance! Softec’14 is going...

Feb 11 ·>

18th Edition of SOFTEC eagerly awaited this March!

FAST – NUCES brings its famed SOFTEC (Software Exhibition and Competition) Event for you all. SOFTEC aims to bridge the...

Jan 27 ·>