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25 Pakistani ministries have been upgraded to the e-governance model

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As we reported last year, that Pakistani ministries were upgrading to the e-governance system, the model, now, has been introduced in 25 Pakistani Ministries and Divisions.

While addressing a special meeting of the 8th Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP), the Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunication Anusha Rehman had said that in order to improve the performance of Pakistani ministries, e-governance system has been introduced in 25 Pakistani ministries and divisions.

About 70,000 of government employees have been trained to use this system in the best possible efficient level. The hassle-less, paper-free system will increase the effectiveness of the current system.

She further said that Pakistan is the first country of the South Asian countries (SAARC members) which has launched this system in their ministry departments. Pakistan introduced this e-governance system back in 2002.

The e-governance model works on employing the latest IT utilities available to make the provision of facilities speedy, secure, effective and hassle-less. Prior to its expansion to other ministries, over 6,000 office files were incorporated in the e-governance model within the Ministry of Information and Technology itself. After the federal ministries, all provinces will be facilitated to replicate the e-governance model.

Source —Pakistan Observer, Image —Sygyzy

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