Imran Khan decides to introduce electric cars in Pakistan to fight pollution

Written by Abdul Wahab ·  1 min read >
imran khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday chaired a meeting where he discussed the possible entry of electric cars in the Pakistani market owing to extreme pollution in the country.

Malik Amin Aslam, adviser to PM Imran Khan on climate change briefed the premier on the current climate and pollution condition of Pakistan. The Prime Minister on this occasion ordered the concerned authorities to prepare the required logistics to for a possible set-up of an electric plant. This would be done to achieve the goal of converting 30% of all cars running in Pakistan into electric cars.

Considering most of the major cities in Pakistan are currently polluted with extremely toxic air owing to the hazardous pollutants released by industrial and automobile emissions. It is pertinent for the government of Pakistan to act on this as it can become a major catastrophe for the country in the years to come. The best option that is available for Pakistan is the entry of electric cars in the Pakistani automobile industry.

Now dreaming about a Tesla Roadster on Pakistani roads would be a naive mistake. With the current infrastructure, it’s an extremely far-sighted goal. However, the good news is that many Chinese automobile manufacturers are currently in the process of making electric cars in huge demand. With major electric companies like BAIC group, GAC group, SAIC Motor and many more, Pakistan can get a lot of technical and infrastructural assistance from its neighboring country.

In any case, it’s an admirable effort by the current government to take conscious efforts for the increasingly worrisome pollution problem in Pakistan. Adviser to PM on climate change, Malik Amin Aslam on this occasion told the press conference that the government planned to introduce electric cars by 2030.

Most countries are opting for electric cars across the world and Pakistan is far behind in it and once introduced in the country, electric vehicles will help save Rs2 billion worth of oil imported into the country besides reducing the country’s air pollution,” Mr. Aslam said.

Furthermore, the government is also considering other more feasible projects like ‘Green Rickshaws’ and more.

“Various proposals were under consideration to gather financial resources of the project which include Green Sukuk, Forest Bonds and the establishment of Green Fund, a Chinese cooperation project.”

Whether these efforts will bear fruit and will be continued as an important project by the next governments, only time will tell.