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5 Pakistani Must Join Facebook Groups

Written by Oneeb Khan ·  3 min read >

Facebook is a versatile platform – and like anything else, you can get the most out of it when you know how to use it to its best. One of the best things that Facebook has to offer are the Facebook Groups. These could be for a project, an event, a group of friends, for like-minded people, or for random mingling.

Here are 5 Pakistani Facebook groups that you should must join so that you can put all those hours of scrolling to good use:

1. Critical Mass


Critical Mass is a cycling movement that kicked off from San Francisco, but has gained traction in various parts of the world. Pakistan is not one to be left behind; there are several local, independent chapters of Critical Mass, i.e. in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , administrated by cyclist enthusiasts. Cycling is a great way to get to know your city, as well as interact with like-minded and fun people nearby.

Facebook groups, Critical Mass <name of city>, for the respective Critical Mass groups serve as the planning and coordinating headquarters.

Various cycling rides, or simply ‘rides’, are organized very frequently, Critical Mass Islamabad, one of the most active chapters, has a ride atleast once a week. Since Islamabad offers alot in terms of terrain, the rides tend to be something different, new and ranging in difficulty everytime. One week would be a rigorous ride to Monal, another week would be a laid-back ride to Faisal Mosque (or just about any other place in the Islamabad/Rawalpindi area). Sometimes,  the rides tend to be much more adventurous, e.g. mountain biking in the Margalla hills.

If you feel this is for you, look up the Critical Mass group near you!

2. Pakistan Food Forum


As Pakistanis we pride ourselves on one thing more than anything else – our cuisine. It is said “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”, but let’s be honest – we don’t believe in that. We live to eat.

The Pakistan Food Forum  is a manifestation of this motto, only that this group is for real foodies.You’ll find people sharing their experiences at various eateries all over Pakistan, and outside Pakistan, in tremendous detail (more detail than you thought possible for food), people promoting their own food-related business ventures or even their own personal victories or defeats in the kitchen.

The pictures are always good to look at, and the accompanying prose allows you to imagine the taste and smell as if you’re eating the food yourself. Also, you can always refer to this group when no one can decide on where to go for dinner.

Be warned: do not go to this group on an empty stomach.

3. The Adventure Club – Pakistan


Some of us live for adventure – or experiences that nudge us out of our comfort zones. Fortunately, Pakistan is an ideal place for the adventurous types, and, fortunately, Pakistan also has an abundance of enthusiastic individuals who want you to experience all of this.

There are many groups that have taken the mantle of allowing people to experience all that Pakistan has to offer – however The Adventure Club – Pakistan sets itself apart because of the experienced adventurers and mountaineers heading it.

Their Facebook group serves as a platform to engage with members, share experiences and promote a stocked calendar of events.

The events include skiing, paragliding, camping and so much more!

Do look them up if you’re the adventurous type!

4. Pakistan Professional Photographers (P3)


Pakistan is blessed in abundance with one other resource. Photographers. Either, you have a friend with a DSLR, or you are the friend with the DSLR; either way Pakistan has a lot of passionate and extremely skilled photographers (as is substantiated by the mesmerizing number of members of the group).

Pakistan Professional Photographers  or P3 is meant to be a dedicated sanctuary for exactly these people. Members from all over and outside Pakistan share their visual masterpieces to be dissected, mulled over, critiqued, advised and praised by other members. You can see people sharing tips on how to improve a picture, or what things to keep in mind the next go round.

Even if you aren’t a photographer, just looking at the photos will lift your spirits. The photos. are. incredible.

Go ahead, look them up!

5. Pakistan Startups

5We are a problem solving people, and that’s exemplified by the entrepreneurial spirit of our people. There have been a large number of business and tech ventures, a considerable number of which have taken off successfully. Patari and Travly come to mind as some of the more popular start-ups.

Entrepreneurship is a very lonely journey, and its always reassuring to have a platform to discuss problems or get to know what others, who have undertaken a similar journey, are up to. Pakistan Startups is a Facebook group set up for this very reason.

You can see a number of people sharing their personal undertakings – and these are always something that will pique your interest and make you proud of the problem solving spirit of the people around you. By becoming a member you can also become first in-line to get the awesome array of services being offered, or just to become a supporting member of the start up scene.

Facebook groups are innumerable, and you can almost always find a group of your choosing. Let us know if you know of any fun and interesting Facebook groups! In the meanwhile, explore these new worlds that you’ve come across!