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5 Tips To Ensure a Longer Battery Timing for Your Smartphone

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
5 Tips To Ensure a Longer Battery Timing for Your SmartPhone

Phones are one of the most important tools in our life, be it work, entertainment or even staying in touch, everything we do directly or indirectly depends on our smartphones. Being used throughout the day, the battery on our smartphones have to take the load.

This usually causes the smartphone to lose its battery health and eventually come to a point where you have to charge them every other hour. We understand the battery problems you have to face and to help you we have brought you some tips to keep your battery healthy and protect your charging for longer periods.

1. Switch to Airplane Mode

On days where we travel or go to picnics we are usually away from our charging sockets thus saving the phone battery becomes tricky. In situations like these, each percentage on your battery becomes important.

To keep your phone from losing its charging, we suggest that you switch to the Airplane mode. Switching to the airplane mode shuts off many battery consuming features on the phone thus allowing you to limit battery loss.

2. Close Background Apps

Are you a person that has all his applications opened up in the background? Well, then we have bad news for you. Background applications that you are not currently using just sit there and take up a good chunk of your battery.

We recommend that for a healthier and a more stable battery, you should always keep applications that you are using in the background.

3. Turn Off Notifications and Vibration Mode

Smartphones technologically save their battery life by going to sleep mode or a lower power mode. If a phone is getting continuous unwanted notifications from social apps or gaming apps, it is probably losing a lot of its battery.

Apart from this we suggest not putting phones in vibratory mode, while it is essential at times, we recommend you try avoiding it as much as possible since vibration requires a lot of power thus it can negatively affect your battery.

4. Keep it Cool!

It is hard to believe but temperature does affect phones functioning may it be hot or cold. It’s not necessarily the environmental temperature but at times the phone’s temperature. For example excess charging heats up the phone, using too many apps together causes the phone’s temperature to rise etc. We must keep a strict check on it and control things before we suffer from long-lasting damage to our phones.

5. Limit Location Services

Location services are a blessing for many of us, it helps us select the best route to our home, guides us about the best restaurants and even lets us automatically send a location to our friends, but location services come at a cost.

Apps that use location often have access to your location even when you are not using them. This not just affects your privacy but also leaves a heavy dent on your battery, we recommend you make sure that no app has permission to use your location after it has been closed.


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