6 Tips To Nail Your First Tech Interview

Tech interviews can be intimidating and it is natural to feel worried about your next interview and keep looking...

Nov 10 · >

How Will World Recession Impact the Tech Industry?

The world economy is steadily moving towards a recession, will the tech industry be able to suffer and emerge...

Nov 8 · >

Google Earth Users Spots Alien in the Back Seat of a Car

The user was searching through Google Maps to find a local garage sale in her town but found an...

Nov 3 · >

5 Tips To Ensure a Longer Battery Timing for Your Smartphone

Phones are one of the most important tools in our life, be it work, entertainment or even staying in...

NASA uses a Giant Slingshot For Tossing Satellites Into Space

Named as the Spin Launch suborbital accelerator, the space throwing slingshot has had over 10 successful testing Remember watching cartoons...

Oct 6 · >

77% tech professionals looking for new jobs in 2021, a report reveals

Around 77% of technology professionals will voluntarily leave their current jobs and look for new ones in 2021, according...

Apr 6 · >

Karachi students introduce another version of mind-controlled prosthetic arm, not yet available globally.

Two Karachi students have claimed to introduce the world’s first-ever mind-controlled prosthetic arms as part of their final year...

Apr 2 · >

IT Ministry announces Rs.1580 million for networking project in Gilgit

As per an announcement made by the official Twitter handle of the Ministry of IT & Telecom, the special...

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Mar 8 · >

Lead digital transformation instead of creating “Ban-Astan”. Tech giants make it clear to the government

Tabadlab’s policy roundtable named “Connecting People: COVID-19 lessons for digital policy” was organized in Islamabad on Monday. The conference...

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Feb 23 · >

Infinix Makes Headlines as the first Smartphone brand with Manufacturing Facility in Pakistan

Infinix, with its latest and high-quality premium products, is one of the leading smartphone brands in Pakistan. It has...

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Feb 29 · >

You can now ask Google for tech support on Twitter using #AndroidHelp

The @android Twitter account recently announced that Google will answer your Android related questions and even provide technical assistance...

Jan 28 · >

SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites, becomes the largest satellite operator

SpaceX has become the company operating the largest number of commercial satellites in the world following the successful launch...

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Jan 8 · >