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6 Useful Websites to Take Your Internet Experience to the Next Level – 2022

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You probably spend a good chunk of your free time on the internet to relax and chill for a change. But what if I tell you that the internet can benefit you in everyday situations even if you are not tech-savvy.

With every passing day, advances in data sciences and competitive websites are on each other’s throats in the race to provide the best service for their users. This turned out to be best for ordinary people as there are unique and free websites launched daily which help us in life events we don’t expect.

Here is a list of the non-popular yet handy sites that can make your day-to-day life more manageable.


VirusTotal is a free online virus detecting site. It allows you to scan any file, URL or address if they have any malware in them. Usually, the hackers know that many people have anti-virus software, so they are becoming more efficient and finding ways to fool your anti-virus software. No anti-ware software is a hundred per cent reliable, so to be sure, you should double-check anything suspicious with the help of VirusTotal.


iFixit is an e-commerce site which is excellent for enthusiastic people. What differentiates it from other e-commerce sites is that it gives a free solution for all your home appliances and provides the appropriate tools required for the process. With the help of iFixit, you can fix everything from your washing machines and porch grass to your Air Conditioning system and mobile phones. Yes, mobile phones! It has complete step-by-step guides on fixing different problems for all the mobiles in the world.


Downdetector works as an anti-anxiety website; it provides real-time information about the crashes of any servers. It gives the impact’s reason, nature, and expected time to fix the problem. In the first place, it helps the consumers figure out whether there is a crash on the server side or only you are facing some issue so that you can look for a solution. You can find information about any server like your electricity connection, internet service provider, website server etc.


JustWatch is not a streaming site but rather a streaming guide website. Suppose you have multiple streaming subscriptions and don’t know where your desired show or movie is available. You can search it using JustWatch, which will tell you all the streaming platforms on which the show is available. It also describes the countries where that show or movie is available on a specific streaming platform.

The way I see it, this can help you decide what subscriptions you should have. Just search for the type of things you like the most, and the platforms that have them all are likely to have the rest of your wanted stuff, and JustWatch can also serve this purpose.


Suppose you have a tight budget or don’t want to waste the remaining ingredients of some previous recipe but don’t know what to cook with the remaining stuff. SuperCook can surely help you; SuperCook is a recipe suggesting site that not only tells you the recipe of things, but you can find the recipes according to the ingredients you have. Like search filters on every site work, first, you put the ingredients you have and then out of over 600,000 recipes, SuperCook provides you with the recipe that perfectly suits your pantry.


Pexels is a site that has millions of free stock images. It is one of the few free stock image websites that provide high-quality images. All images are non-copyrighted and licensed under the Pexels corp. So if you need royalty-free photos for any purpose, like blogging, Pexels should be your go-to stop.

Pexels is also an excellent opportunity for beginner photographers to make money by selling their shots to Pexels.