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7 Pakistani Tumblrs You Should Follow

Nada Zain Written by Nada Zain · 2 min read>

What do you call a place where blogging and social networking meet with a lot of animated GIFs? – Tumblr. Whether you follow your friends, news accounts, pages that curate photography, food tumblrs, official celebrity Tumblr blogs, fandom pages or a mix of all; one thing is guaranteed, loads of interesting content and scrolling that could continue for hours!
There are plenty of international blogs on the site but what if one wants to follow something more local? Well, we’ve searched for quality Pakistani Tumblrs and here are some of the top blogs we found:

1. The Express Tribune


The Express Tribune recently hoped on to the Tumblr bandwagon, and let us tell you, we’re glad they did! The blog features photographs from around Pakistan, some news headlines and loads of post that try to explain a situation or an issue with the help of interesting GIFs. For instance, take a look at this post in which an Express Tribune team member explains how it is like working at ET’s Web Desk, and this piece about Superpowers that Moms have.

Link: The Express Tribune

2. Only in Pakistan


Goats crossing a river on a water supply pipe, seriously overloaded trains, people using the Mazar-e-Quaid to practice their rock climbing skills, any of these sound familiar? Yes, these are all scenes photographed in Pakistan, and Only in Pakistan brings a whole bunch of similar images and more to it’s followers. Get everything from funky rickshaw/truck quotes and car typographies to signs that look funny thanks to typo errors and translation mishaps. While most of the content is meant to tickle our funny bone the blog also features from amusing, witty and awesome stuff that Pakistanis have come of with. For a dose of National pride check out the clever household hacks, witty headlines and the pure awesomeness like the projector on (rickshaw) wheels project. It’s a fun blog to follow but we’d really like to see the OIP team update it more frequently for the fans.

Link: Only in Pakistan

3. What No One Told You About Pakistan


This blog aims to bring the awesome side of our country to the international and local readers. The ideas is to show the people with not-so-positive perceptions of Pakistan, that the country is more than just how it’s depicted in the international media. The type of posts vary from showcases of Pakistani talent, skills, achievements and acts of humanity to optimistic news pieces to nice little blasts from the past that bring smile to our faces.

Link: What No One Told You About Pakistan

4. Undiscovered Pakistan


Highest snow-covered mountain-tops, magnificent valleys, grand deserts, wonderful waterfalls, breathtaking mountain roads, astonishing autumn scenes, color-filled spring season and astonishing river banks, beaches & lakes, Pakistan has got it all! Discover some of the most beautiful places and nature’s marvels that our country is blessed with on this Tumblr blog. The photography featured on this page is quite awe-inspiring, you wouldn’t want to get off this site.

Link: Undiscovered Pakistan

5. Explore Pakistan

Explore Pakistan is another blog dedicated to show people out there the beauty of our country. The photography feature on this Tumblr is quite impressive and pleasing to the eye. Another plus point is that this blog is apparently updated on regular basis. Explore Pakistan Blog mentions photo credits with almost all of its posts, so if you’re interested in certain work you could look up the photographer behind it.

Link: Explore Pakistan

6. PakiMemez

The blog’s URL is pretty self explanatory, it is a tumblr page about memes Pakistani people can relate to. PakiMemez brings you funny, captioned and sometimes edited images from around the web. Your reactions will range from “OMG that’s so true” to uncontrollable fits of laughter. So, if you’re bored or need a little break from your work and studies, head onto this blog.

Link: PakiMemez

7. Humans of Pakistan


Humans of Pakistan (HOP) is a blog inspired by the popular work of photographers Brandon Stanton, HONY. The aim of HOP is to feature (extra)ordinary Pakistani human beings from across Pakistan, instil a certain level of Hope in Pakistanis and inspire everyone and anyone who reads the blog. Discover the various sides of the the life in Pakistan and and get to know the unique individuals from various backgrounds more closely.

Link: Humans of Pakistan

BONUS: If you enjoy HONY style blogs and content also look at the #Pakistan tag of fotojournalisms.tumblr.com



Do check out all of these and let us know what you think? If you don’t have a Tumblr account, now is a very good time to get one. Tell us about some of your favorite Tumblr blogs (local and others) below in the comments!

Written by Nada Zain
is an excellence award winning MBA marketing graduate, she is passionate about technology, branding and crafting. Nada is also a foodie and a self-declared global citizen. She tweets at @NadaZain Profile