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70% Of Japanese Adults Who Use AI Chatbots Express Concern :Survey

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

A survey conducted by local Japanese news revealed that nearly 69.4% of adults want restrictor regulations for AI development and implementation.

The survey was conducted after Japanese officials expressed their favour for OpenAI and said the technology could be integrated into government systems.

Though chatbots are not new, the emergence of chatGPT has changed the world and raised many concerns.
The poll was conducted as a part of a more extensive survey that also covered issues like the current level of public approval of the government and pandemic-related incidents.

In total, 1,064 responses were received from the sample of 510 randomly chosen landlines and 2,461 randomly selected mobile numbers of voters.


Hirokazu Matsuno, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, said, “The government is contemplating AI integration into its system. However, this would only be possible if privacy and cybersecurity issues were adequately addressed”.

Recently, Japan has strived for a more friendly environment for innovation in the blockchain, crypto, and Web3 space. On April 6, the country’s Web3 project team worked on a new white paper to expand the local crypto scene.

The government and other official figures are still trying to find out about AI regulations and their impacts on society. Italy is the first country which banned the use of chatGPT.

According to officials, “the technology could re-enter the country after it agreed to transparency demands.
Whereas, in Germany, regulators developed their investigation into ChatGPT’s General Data Protection Regulations compliance. In contrast, lawmakers are finalizing the Artificial Intelligence Act across the European Union.

Moreover, the rise in technology development prompted the Chinese government to announce that AI firms and the technology itself would soon be subject to required security reviews.

On the other hand, Singapore has launched Amy, an AI-powered chatbot designed to facilitate users learn about digital assets. The AI-powered tool provides real-time information about projects, tokens, historical events and price listings. It acts as an expert for those willing to invest in digital assets.

However, it does not offer financial advice or cater to economic issues. Chatbot, which is still in its beta phase, can select a group of users on the price feature.

Moreover, it will soon be integrated into the company’s other services and available to more users.

In addition, chatbots help save a lot of time by eliminating the need to go through lengthy processes. Moreover, it’s easy to use and can be readily adapted.

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