8 characteristics that set apart Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs

Written by Mohammad Farooq ·  2 min read >

Success comes in many ways for entrepreneurs. In today’s digital economy, it is very easy to be assigned a label of being an entrepreneur but keeping it all along is the real struggle and challenge. Every entrepreneur has some kind of unique idea but what makes a real one differ from a ‘wantrepreneur’ is their attitude towards attaining success.The list below aims to highlight the differences between the two:

Real Entrepreneurs have ample self-belief vs the wantrepreneurs who are complaining all the time

Real entrepreneurs have ample self-belief and learn to move with the tide irrespective of the situation whether positive or negative. Wantrapreneurs are complaining all the time, are pessimistic and destructive in nature. For the real entrepreneur, the team is what makes the organization in comparison to the wantrepreneur who thinks the company revolves around him.

Wantrepreneurs are obsessed with money whereas Real Entrepreneurs want to be the best

Wantrepreneurs aim for money and money only. For real entrepreneurs, money is secondary, but the passion is to be at the top of their industry and have worldwide fame.

Real Entrepreneurs work for the business and Wantrepreneurs work for their self-image

For any business to thrive its success is the primary of any real entrepreneur, they strive towards it, work hard with passion, zeal and all their might. For real entrepreneurs, their business’s success and long term vision is what is important, besides what individuals think about them. Wantrepreneurs look for shortcuts towards attaining success, lack patience and despise hard work.

Wantrepreneurs waste time on meetings, Real Entrepreneurs spend time on adapting to changes on a priority basis

Time is of the essence and for Wantrepreneurs, it is the exact opposite. They spend too much time discussing the small details of what has changed and what will happen to the business as a result. In comparison, the real entrepreneur will identify the changing environment, adapt to it and locate opportunities to exploit during that time.

Real Entrepreneurs innovate and Wantrepreneurs procrastinate

Ideas necessarily can be unique in nature, but using and making them a success are what Real entrepreneurs are experts at. They could necessarily work on existing ideas that have failed, select and improve it to make them successful. Wantrepreneurs spend time wasting about the next big idea that will make them rich and remain stuck in that obsession.

Real Entrepreneurs embrace failure, Wantrepreneurs do not accept failure

Many success stories for entrepreneurs worldwide were not as a result of hitting it big with their very first ideas. Real entrepreneurs go through many failures initially, embrace and learn from them. They are keen learners, keep persevering and have the ability to bounce back with success at one point of time. Wantrepreneurs hate failure and lack the ability to move out of its shadow which keeps lingering upon them for a long time.

Real Entrepreneurs know how to take a risk, whereas Wantrepreneurs are risk-averse

It is all about taking the plunge and risk a real entrepreneur takes, know what they are doing and have no fear of repercussion for their actions. Whether it means risking all their money, image or their whole business operations they are up to it. Wantrepreneurs will never risk taking the plunge into uncertainty and would prefer following a tried and tested method.

Wantrepreneurs aren’t open to learning forever, whereas Real Entrepreneurs are always learning & evolving

As school children, we are always told learning is a continuous cycle throughout our lifetime. Real entrepreneurs stick to this belief and embrace learning through out their professional careers. Wantrepreneurs are suckers to this idea, close their minds to learning and think they know everything.


Written by Mohammad Farooq
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